Integrating Africa Into Your European Home

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European homes have a compelling and classy look. The stone-built buildings have high roofs, tall windows with shutters, and ornamental pediments or keystones. Integrating African style is the latest trend in European homes' décor. A simple mudcloth throw pillow, wall hangings with an African theme, or throwing a rug with African prints are simple ideas to achieve a décor theme inspired by Africa.

Why you should embrace African style in your home

Europeans are incorporating Africa décor themes due to its versatility. African décor theme is now popular mainly because of the following reasons:

  • It is a refreshing change
  • Trendiness
  • Celebrities have embraced the style
  • Social media exposure.

How to incorporate African style in European homes

1.         Add color patterns with no limitations

The notion that African colors are earthly tones such as brown, black, and shades of sand only is a myth. An interior home décor designer can give some inspiration for the choice of colors. Even if the theme of your home is black and white, a simple Indigo mud cloth will create a big fashion statement. Remember your style should not look overwhelmingly ethnic. Some people think mounting African masks and wall hangings on the wall portrays an African theme. That is not the case. The idea should be to use colors and décor items in moderation.

2.         Bring in more flora

The main characteristic of African deco is the use of animal and plant prints especially in the fabric used around your home. Live big plants also will make a big statement in your living room. To go with the African theme, you can opt for big succulent plants. Instead of putting plants in the pots, you may get hand-woven baskets made of grass. That will blend well with the general structures in your African themed home. The texture also complements other African features in the house.

3.         Use natural materials for accessories and household items

Ranging from wooden furniture, carved bowls, and woven baskets, these items will help to bring out the African theme. The use of natural textiles around your home is also a good idea. The Malian mud cloth rugs and animal prints fabric used on poufs or even on the sofas is a good idea to incorporate the African theme. Having a collection of seashells and other decorative memoirs from Africa gives your home a distinctly unique feel.

4.         Indigenous artwork

During travel to Africa, you may bring some African artwork from curios. You may also find authentic African artworks available for sale online. Beautiful artworks to watch out for include carved vases, statues, or wall decors. Unique hand-woven rugs and pillowcases will also add style to your home. If you are looking for a unique African decor idea opt for decor items for things that have a meaning to you or your family. There is a vast selection of African themed décor items. With more creativity, you will find one that suits your home.

With an African decor theme, it is a good idea to keep it simple. It's boring and overpowering using cliché African portraits, and deco items are all over the place. Instead, consider contemporary African themes through portraits and photography. Vintage antiques are an excellent and unique décor idea too.


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