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7 Tips for Moving with Kids

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Regardless of what age your kids are, moving with them can be a challenge. Moving with kids is a big transition for any family — leaving an old home for a new home, saying goodbye to friends, and disrupting your children's regular routine.

Whether you’ll be moving out of state or just around the block, children and adolescents typically won’t be thrilled by such news. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ease the transition.

Here are 7 tips for moving with kids.

1. Involve Your Kids!

With everything needed to be done to make your move as hassle-free as possible, it’s easy to overlook your kids. The thing is, it’s extremely important that you involve your kids in the moving process as much as possible. Even the smallest task can make a difference in your child’s feelings towards their new home.

You can involve your kids in running a yard sale, giving their top three choices of colors to repaint the walls of the living room, or they can even help you narrow down the homes you're considering.

2. Use Time to Your Advantage

If you’ve been planning your move for months, then you’ll have plenty of time that you can use to your advantage. In some cases, you might only have a few weeks before the moving day, but it’s just as important for you to use the time to your advantage.

Prepare the kids for the move by giving them as much information about your new home as possible, such as showing them pictures of what their new bedroom will look like, where they’ll go to school — you could even try to schedule a school tour with their new teacher, or photos of the local playground they’ll be able to visit.

3. Visit the Neighborhood

Not everyone will be able to visit their new neighborhood with their kids before moving day. If you can, consider taking a walking tour of your new neighborhood, the downtown area, or their new school.

4. Work with A Kid-Friendly Moving Company

On moving day, you’ll be busy coordinating with the moving company and checking everything for the last time. Look for a kid-friendly moving company with special measures to help care for the children during the move.

To give the kids something better to do, look around for a company with features meant to help goods.

5. Have a Goodbye Party

Between your child’s final day at their old school, moving to a new neighborhood, and making new friends, there’s a lot to fear about the move. I this case, it’s best to plan to host a goodbye party to give your kids the chance to interact with others and say goodbye to their old friends. 

6. Pack a "Moving-Day" Bag

Your children won’t want to be separated from their favorite teddy bear or gadget for the whole duration of the trip, so you need to make sure that they pack a “moving day” bag ahead of the move.

Let your kids know that it may take a week or two for all of the moving boxes to be unpacked, so they should keep everything that they want close by in their "moving-day" bag.

You can even pack them a special moving-day bag as a surprise with snacks for the trip and a game or toy for when they arrive.

7. Minimize Changes Upon Moving

Especially true when moving with your kids, minimizing change is another important thing to consider. You may be moving to a new house or even a new state, but you can keep things familiar by setting up their bedroom furniture in the same arrangement or maintaining the same morning routines.

Moreover, try to preserve any traditions you held in your old home, like Saturday family movie nights or Sunday morning brunch. This will help minimize the change and help your kids get used to the new home as soon as possible.


When moving with kids, even the smallest thing can make a big difference. Moving can feel like an overwhelming process, especially when planning a move for your children. Simply follow these 7 tips for moving with kids to help make your move as smooth as possible.


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