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Chicago 2 Flat Renovation - Start to Finish

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Chicago 2 Flat Home Renovation View the progress of this Chicago 2 flat conversion to a single family home. This Chicago 2 flat was purchased with a renovation loan that covered the entire construction cost. The existing Chicago 2 flat was completely gutted to the brick and all new framing, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling was installed. Then drywall and all the carpentry finishes. Harwood floors, kitchen cabinets, tiled bathrooms etc.

The process of converting a Chicago 2 flat to a single family home is not an easy task and watching this video will help you to understand the steps necessary to complete the renovation. I specialize in Chicago 2 flats and can help you find one that would be a good candidate for rehabbing. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid buying a Chicago 2 flat that ends up having too many surprises and costing you a small fortune to renovate. Getting approved with the right type of renovation loan is the best place to start and then the search for a good Chicago 2 flat can begin. If and when you are ready feel free to call 773-273-9155 to get started.

To estimate the construction costs you need to be able to determine the scope of work. This is where knowing how to qualify a Chicago 2 flat and what to look for can save you thousands of dollars and time. The scope of work for the most part is going to be the same on many of the properties but there are many things to look for like the condition of the tuck pointing, the concrete sidewalks, garage, roof, beams, posts and foundation. Look for the property that was either lived in by the owner in one of the units or very well maintained with pride of ownership. You'll know the difference between a Chicago 2 flat that was owned by a landlord that only cared about the rental income and neglected maintaining much of the exterior because that didn't stop him from collecting the rent.

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Probably one of the best tips I can give you is to use local subcontractors for the plumbing, electrical and heating...the closer these subcontractors businesses are to your project the better. Every contractor wants to cut down on there travel time to jobs and if your project is close to their shops that's makes it easier for them to pick up supplies and equipment. You can't expect them to give you a cheaper price but they will be eager to get awarded the job and usually ends up being a much smoother process. Chicago 2 flats are great to convert to single family homes because they are spacious and you could get a real good layout on all 3 floors. The amount of house you get from a completed project is what makes these conversions so appealing to buyers. Whether you are an Investor that would like to add these types of projects to your portfolio or you're a home buyer ready to build one of your own call me today to discuss getting you started.

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