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Tough Love With Her 'Peaches'

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My elderly clients were recently forced to sell their home to pay for legal fees.  Although they had owned the home for many years and did not have a mortgage, the cost of maintaining,heating, repairs, and so on, was far greater than their meager savings and Social Security benefits would cover.  They were both in their eighties and were too proud to ask for help from friends and family.

     In her desperation the wife had taken to shoplifting to help make ends meet. One day she got caught stealing a can of peaches at the local market and was arrested.  The husband was very angry since they had lived an exemplary life together, but decided to forgive her and accompanied her to court for sentencing.  Upon hearing her side of the story, the judge was sympathetic but knew that he had to mete out some punishment as the store keeper was in court.

     "How many peaches were in that can," he asked the lady. "Four," she replied.  He then sentenced her to four days in the local jail, one for each peach.  The husband asked if he could speak to the court and the judge permitted him to do so.  "Your honor, she also took a can of peas."

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This is funny!

Jul 13, 2008 02:14 PM