Sell My House Pittsburgh During the Winter? What You Need To Know

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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many people's timelines when it comes to selling their homes. Some people would like to wait until the pandemic subsides to put their home on the market and make a move. Others are putting their homes up now and moving to warmer climates or back to family and friends. If you're looking to sell your house in Pittsburgh during the winter, here's everything you need to know - including whether or not it's even possible to make the sale now!


Sell My House Pittsburgh During the Winter: Are There Any Restrictions with COVID?

Technically, there are no show-stopping restrictions per se when it comes to selling your home in Pennsylvania. A real estate agent can list your home on the market, find a buyer, and they can complete the transaction. There are homes on the market, and there are buyers who want them.

However, while there may be no rules that prohibit the sale of homes right now, there are plenty of regulations that would make it hard to sell my house in Pittsburgh. While these regulations may change over time, given the state of the pandemic, it's reasonable to assume that there will be at least two restrictions that will make it challenging for sellers in the winter.


Remote Work, "Unless Impossible"

On November 25, 2020, our Governor issued a stay-at-home order that mandated working remotely "unless impossible" to do so. Of particular note, the real estate industry is not exempt from this requirement. Therefore, even real estate agents need to consider technological alternatives other than in-person showings. Examples include 3D tours or FaceTime walkthroughs.


While that can work, how many people will be willing to spend $300k or so on a home that they've never seen in-person? Probably not as many as people who can physically walk through the house!


Therefore, sellers now face an uphill battle. They're going to have to sell their home with as little in-person interaction as possible. For something as personal as a house, that's relatively hard to do.


No Open Houses

This point is a bit of a corollary to the point above, but given that in-person showings must be limited by law, that also means open houses are, for the most part, a no-go. Part of what gets sellers the best bang for their buck is an open house that draws multiple buyers and potentially ignites a bidding war. Without this vital part to sell my house in Pittsburgh during the winter, it'll be hard to get the best price for your home - even if you do manage to find a buyer.


Is There a Better Alternative To Sell My House Pittsburgh During the Winter?


These restrictions don't even account for the economic headwinds our country is facing and the general unease that you, as a seller, might feel about letting strangers into your home during these times. So, it seems like now is not the time to be selling any home.


The problem is that there are times when you do need to sell your home. Facing foreclosure, divorce, new job opportunities, or moving back with family, for example. These are all reasons why you need to sell my house fast Pittsburgh! It is possible to sell my house in Pittsburgh during the winter!

Fortunately, there is a better, safer alternative to selling your home during these frigid months. You'll wind up with a fair, competitive offer that's guaranteed to close. Additionally, you'll have less risk to your health.


Yes, Consider Selling To a Cash Investor

Cash investors can buy your home with an all-cash offer. There's no waiting for financing, no finding a buyer, and no open houses. All you need to do is contact the cash buyer, schedule a time for them to inspect your property, and then accept the all-cash offer. You can close and have a cashier's check in your hand in as little as seven days.


These investors write fair, competitive offers. During the COVID-19 pandemic (and, especially during these winter months in Pittsburgh), cash investors have some unique benefits, above and beyond the checks they write.


First, dealing with an investor means that you'll have fewer people over to your home. You won't have to deal with multiple people walking through your property. Instead, all you'll need to do is deal with one company directly, who will write you the check. That's significantly safer during these unusual times.


Secondly, buyers are significantly more scarce now. Economic headwinds are facing many would-be homebuyers. Many people have been or know of someone who lost their job due to COVID. This general economic unease will make many buyers think twice about taking the plunge into homeownership right now. Couple that with the unfavorable weather in Pittsburgh during the winter, and you have the perfect storm for a potentially slow season in real estate.


Finally, with this economic uncertainty, banks are becoming more conservative with lending. Numerous articles are detailing how self-employed buyers are struggling to obtain mortgages now. Lenders are adding more points and raising FICO score requirements. Even though interest rates are at record lows, lenders have become more stringent with who gets the money. Intuitively, this makes sense given our situation in this country.


However, as a seller, if you go through the conventional market, what this means is that it will be harder to find buyers who can obtain a loan. That will make it harder to sell your property. With a cash investor, none of this comes into play. You'll receive an all-cash offer that's not dependent on any financing. Therefore, your property will sell and will close quickly and efficiently!


It Is Possible To Sell My House in Pittsburgh During the Winter

Yes, it is possible to sell your house in Pittsburgh during the winter safely. By selling to a cash investor, you're not only guaranteed to have the deal close quickly, but you're also guaranteed to sell your home safely. No matter what the reason is - divorce, facing foreclosure, new job opportunity - we can help you sell your house Pittsburgh quickly.


Contact us today! All you need to do is give us your property information and a bit of info about you. We'll get in touch and walk you through the process of selling your home amid this pandemic.


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