Maintaining a Brand Presence in Time of Slowdown

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In times of economic turmoil, maintaining brand awareness is vital, especially when economic slowdown forces crises in our personal or professional lives. When the world, as we know it shifts, it is crucial for your brand to maintain that human connection and trust. 


Being customer centric goes way beyond simply satisfying customer needs. It's proven that businesses that show up during difficult times are the businesses that thrive during an economic slowdown. We take a closer look at five ways to maintain your brand presence during times of slowdown.


Hold fast to brand loyalty 


During periods of economic crisis, both consumers and companies tend to underestimate what the new normal will look like after the crisis. While speculation on future possibilities can never be perfectly accurate, the one thing that is certain is that brands that supports their customers during periods of need are normally the brands who benefit from it.  


Consumer trust is paramount in maintaining brand loyalty, but during difficult economic times, you might find it difficult to maintain the number of followers on your Instagram platform. If you need a boost, helps you with a cost-effective and organic process to buy Instagram followers which will help you grow your profile and assist in maintaining brand loyalty during tough times.


Be visible


Follow your blueprint and marketing strategy. During times of economic slowdown, it is vital to understand what your customers need and what they are looking for. Focus on maintaining your social platform correspondence. Build meaningful content and stay the course.


If you appear steadfast, your consumers will follow and invite others to do the same. Studies have proven that consumers tend to invest more with brands that add value and make a true difference during tough economic times. Maintaining your visibility is key to ensuring that your brand comes out stronger on the other side. 


Plan ahead


While keeping up your social feed, take some time and resources to focus on what comes next. Listen and pay attention to the feedback and comments you receive from your Instagram followers and start anticipating how the period after economic slowdown will affect the buying and behavioral patterns of your customers. 


Adjust your marketing strategies and product innovation to accommodate those anticipations. This will prove to your followers that you are tuned in and, in turn, will strengthen your customer's trust in your brand.


Generate leads


Generating leads is an important benefit of a social media platform for your business. It offers a low-cost and effective way where potential buyers can enquire or leave comments on the products or services you have to offer.


Have your sales team invest the time and effort to follow up on inquiries and questions around your products. Most of these will lead to potential customers signing up or investing in one or more of the products or services you have to offer. Leads generation is one of the biggest perks of creating a social media platform for your business.


Focus and action


Consumers will follow the action. Get the word out and communicate it to your customers if your team and your company is actively involved in making a viable difference during a crisis. 


Consumers want to know that the brand they throw their weight behind is fighting on their side. Your social media platform is a fantastic way to get your customers to support any project your company gets involved in during a crisis. The constant feed onto your platform will maintain your brand loyalty and attract new followers.



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