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Save Time and Get Compliant Communications Logs?

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Most agents struggle with having compliant communications logs for their transactions.  Capturing email messages, text messages, and voicemails used to be hard. There are three tools I use to make it super easy. 

The first is Google Voice.  Benefits include the ability to keep your personal phone number private but there are many other benefits to it as well including that it facilitates capturing your transaction-specific voicemail, and text messages.

The number two tool is Google Takeout which gives you the ability to selectively download your messages.  Here's a 5-minute video that shows you how.

The third tool in this triumvirate comes from Cloud HQ.  They have a number of different tools that are worth checking out but in particular, the Save Mails to PDF tool is awesome!.  It allows you to select which specific messages you want to capture and includes selections that allow you to choose whether you want them in a single PDF or individual PDFs, whether you want to embed attachments or include them in a zip file (or not include attachments at all).  You can choose to include a password or not.  If you assign a label to your transaction, you can even select all emails in that label to process in one PDF.  Pretty cool and quite robust.

The free version is limited to 60 emails per month but that's obviously not enough for a busy agent, so you will likely want to go premium.  Check out this video for an overview of how it works.


Another free tool offered by Cloud HQ is Gmail YouTube which allows you to embed a YouTube video in your email message.  

And, one of my favorites is Mailto:Set Default Email to Gmail.  This saves the frustration of having websites open Apple Mail when I click a link to "Contact us."  


Mailto: Set Default Email to Gmail

Set Gmail as default email application when clicking on an email address on the internetVisit Cloud HQ and check out this and their other awesome offerings that are sure to make your digital life better!

Visit CloudHQ and get your tools today!

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