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Split level homes feature different floor separations designated for specific home activities. They used to be in high demand decades ago. And now, they are here for a comeback as a popular choice among homeowners. What is a split level house and what makes it unique? Find out if living in one can be suited to your lifestyle and needs at home.

A Brief History of Split Level Houses

The 1960s brought the split foyer house in style. Since the 1970s, the demand dwindled, but in 2004, growing interest has been drawn. In fact, Google recorded an all-time high in 2017 for the search results for split level ranch homes.

What is a Split Level House?


Split level homes are best suited for families who have kids because of the divided levels. Home activities are centered at the middle sections, such as the entrance, living room, dining room, and kitchen.

The bedrooms are in the upper levels that may include single or connected bath areas. The lower level caters to family activities like television viewing and playing games.

Apart from families, business-oriented individuals can also maximize living in split level homes. You can have different sections in your home dedicated to your business, especially when you don’t have kids.

The living area is maximized without allotting a huge lot area. This is why builders and homeowners find this home design cost-effective.


The family activities in split level homes are separated accordingly. Children can sleep in the bedrooms in the upper levels. You can focus on preparing meals, packing the kitchen for a move, or doing household chores in the middle level.

Older children can engage in different activities in the lower levels. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up their toys just in case house guests arrive.


Cleaning takes time because there are three levels in split level houses. This and trying to find out if vacuuming ruins carpet adds to your list of cleaning issues.

Since the levels are separated, going back and forth from one activity to another requires more energy because of the flights of stairs involved.

Older residents will have difficulties living in split level houses, making this type not ideal for retirement. At the same time, toddlers are also at a higher risk of falling not just from one but two sets of stairs.

A split foyer house also makes energy less efficient because of the open sections between each level.

Split Level Houses

The High Demand for Split Level Houses

There may be drawbacks in split level homes, but what’s making them popular nowadays? Two-income earners perceived to own like-kind properties have growing interests in living in split level ranch homes.

A multilevel home provides enough space for business engagements and family activities, without having issues in mixing activities up. Transitioning from business matters to family activities can be seamless.

You now have an idea of what is a split level house and how it can be a great fit for you. If you have a growing family, you can consider it to make the most out of each level in your home.

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