Why Sell to Cash Home Buyers in Chattanooga?

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Selling a home can be a daunting situation. You will most likely encounter an array of problems when working with realtors, potential investors, and borrowers.

Fortunately, putting your house on the market isn't your only option. Selling your house to fast house buyers in Chattanooga is an excellent way to save your time and energy.

That being said, here are some perks you will enjoy by doing business with us.


1. Take all The Money From the Sale

Selling to cash home buyers in Chattanooga like us means you can keep all the money, which is better than having to pay for real estate agent fees.

Their commission fees can be as high as 6%, meaning if you sell your property for $200,000, they get to collect $12,000.


This fee is collected whether the agent is going the extra mile of selling your house fast and for a better price or not.

Also, not that most real estate agents charge a fee for listing and marketing your home, which you avoid by selling your home fast for cash.


2. It is a Faster Sale Process

To many homeowners, selling fast is a key advantage. You do not have to hesitate before an agent has an interest in assessing your property and holding endless open houses.

Even better, there is no waiting for buyers to be approved for loans by the banks. Within a matter of days after reaching out to us, you will get your money in cash and the property off your shoulders.


This is particularly advantageous if you want money quickly or are trying to get off the property due to a family crisis, separation, job relocation, or even personal choice.

These are just a few perks of dealing with cash home buyers in Chattanooga. We can help get the property out of your hands in a matter of days.

Simply get in touch today, and leave the rest to our team.


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