Minnesota: Defaulting on an IRS Payment Plan.

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I represent taxpayers in Twin Cities,  Minnesota and all the 50 States in the United State before all administrative levels—examination, collection, and appeals—of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

You have set up a payment plan with the IRS and you are making regular payments, thing happen you forgot or you are in a situation where you did not make the monthly payment. 

A taxpayer will default on his or her installment agreement by doing any of the following:
• Incurring a new tax debt by filing a tax return with a balance due
• Failing to file a tax return timely and incurring a late filing penalty
• Failing to make their installment payments as agreed

Once a taxpayer defaults on his or her installment agreement the IRS will send them a
letter (CP 523) Intent to Terminate your Installment Agreement. The taxpayer must either pay the balance due in full, request an Appeal under the Collection Appeal Process , or contact collections to begin renegotiating for a new installment agreement.

The failure of the taxpayer to maintain his or her tax compliance will void any deal we reach with the IRS for the taxpayer. To avoid  defaulting on a payment plan contact the IRS or your tax professional to look at other options available to you.

If you or anyone you know have unfiled returns and have back tax issues with the IRS or State . Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

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