What do you do when the IRS Auditor is Batshit Crazy? Free Webinar

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Given how wonderful 2020 has been, Tax Rep Network thought we would throw 2020 out the window and ring in the New Year with fun filled webinar designed to celebrate the IRS’s finest!

Ever dealt with an auditor that you begin to realize immediately must be named Lucifer? The point of an audit, according to the IRS itself, is to check on how the taxpayer is doing in respect to their returns and reporting and use this time as an educational opportunity. Yet sometimes there are examiners who do not seem to understand this and have decided it’s a time to torture you and your client. Trust us, you do not need to take their abuse!

Meanwhile, working out a collection alternative with the IRS is not painful. Well, at least it shouldn’t be. However, every now and then you meet a Revenue Officer who is, shall we say, special? Some ROs decide to suddenly become auditors, others philosophers, and some just say some really stupid stuff. This program will cover how to handle the IRS employee that has gone off the rails, how to respond to the top stupid things we hear from ROs, and how to go nuclear back at the IRS.

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