Pros and Cons of Living in Columbus Ohio

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Here are the Pros and Cons of Living in Columbus Ohio:

Are you thinking about making a move or relocating to Columbus Ohio and want to know all the pros and cons about living in Columbus from a person that was born and raised here?

My name is Marc Van Steyn and I'm a RE/MAX Realtor snd Columbus Ohio native.  I would like to give anyone who is thinking about relocating or moving to Columbus Ohio a small sense of what it is like to live here.

Every year I help many families relocate to Columbus.

If you are considering a move to Columbus or anywhere in Central Ohio and have any questions about our great city; call me, text me however you feel most comfortable reaching out: 614-596-2934

Growing up and going to college at Ohio State University I can tell you there are way more pros then there are cons about living in Columbus, but nowhere is perfect, right?

So here is my list of the top pros and cons of living in Columbus from a Columbus Ohio native.

Pro #1 People in Columbus are super friendly

That might sound a little odd but if you have lived anywhere where people were indifferent or not friendly this will really stick out.  Having live in NYC aftered I graduated from college, I know the difference between people being friendly and indifferent.

In Columbus peolple will strike up a conversation with you or smile as they pass by you on the street. 

Pro #2 Columbus has a strong economy and good jobs market

Columbus is not only the Capital of Ohio but also has one of the largest universitys in the united states The Ohio State University which has over 50,000 students.

These two facts along with the wide varity of different types of industrys helps create a stabe economy.

Pro #3 Low cost of living

The cost of living in Columbus Ohio is very reasonable especially compared to some of the other major metropolitan areas in the US.  

Every year I relocate people from cities like San Francisco, New Your, LA, Chicago and Austin and everyone has the same coments " why would I want to move from _________ to Columbus Ohio????" which I completely understand and can apprecite having live in New Your City for years.

But when they get here and learn how affordable it is compared to some other parts of the country it becomes a easier decision.

Pro #4 The amount of diversity

Columbus Ohio is a very diverse city with many different cultures.  Thirty to forty years age Columbus was very much a glorified cow town.  Today you will find people from all different backrounds from all over the world living in Central Ohio.

Much of this can be attributed to the different industries we have in Columbus and The Ohio State University attracting international students to the area.

Pro #5 Great public schools

Columbus Ohio suburbs have excellent school districts several which are highly ranked in the state.  

While there are dozens of pros about living in Columbus Ohio nothing is perfect.  So here are a few of the biggest cons about living here.

Con #1 The weather in Columbus stinks

I mean in Columbus the weather is pretty terrible.  Columbus happens to be the third most cloudy city in the country right behind Seattle and Cleveland Ohio.

Its not uncommon to go days in the winter time and not see the sun.  As you can imagine it can get pretty depressing.

Con #2 High property taxes

Columbus property taxes are comparable to some of the most expensive areas in the country.  My clients who relocate from states like Texas and Colorado are absolutely shocked by how high the property tax is in some suburbs of Central Ohio.

If you are considering buying a home in Columbus Ohio check out the Franklin County or Deleware County websites for the tax rate on where you are considering purchasing. 

Con #3 Lack of fine dining

The Columbus Ohio restaurant scene has made big strides the last 10-15 years there is still very little tue fine dining in Columbus.  Yes there are a couple and lots of upscale steak houses. If you are looking for a true 5 star dining experience like you would find in a San Fransisco or New Your its a little difficult.  We do have a great restaurant industry with many, many good restaurants just not alot of white tablecloth fine dining.

Con #4 High Radon 

There is high Radon levels throughout Columbus Ohio.  If you are unfamiliar with Radon I would suggest doing some research before buying a home in Columbus Ohio. 

Radon is a carcinogen and the third leading cause of lung cancer.  Radon gas is caused by the breakdown of shale and slate which perminates up through the ground into homes.

About 99% of home I deal with have high Radon counts (above the EPA recommended  limit).  The good news is that in most homes the gas is easily mitigated through a Radon System.

Columbus Ohio is a absolutely fantastic city.  If you are condsidering relocating or moving to Columbus and have any questions about buying a home, Columbus area schools, areas or whats itus like to live here, please reach out. 

Marc Van Steyn

Cell- 614-596-2934 or










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