Best Real Estate Apps For 2021

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I was doing a bit of research to come up with a list of the most worth while apps that may bring value to your real estate business. Some of these I've tried myself and others I've found during the course of my research.

Real estate agents used these apps to help streamline their operations, move information around, and simply get more done. These days the tech savvy real estate agent has at least a few of these apps downloaded to his or her smartphone or tablet. For some of us, we couldn't imagine doing business without our favorite app.

If any of you have tried any of these apps in particular and have found they make doing business easier, please feel free to respond in the comments. If I missed any apps that you absolutely can't live without and feel deserve a place on this list, respond in the comments.

Best Apps for Real Estate Agents 2021

  1. Propertybase
    IDX integration, MLS feed, drip campaigns, text messaging, a mobile app, call logging, pipelines, a dialer, and so on are no longer optional in a customer relationship management (CRM) tool

  2. Freshchat
    Chatbots like Freshchat are so crucial for your website. You can give your leads an instant response and program your bot to have visitors complete forms, visit a web page, or call you.

  3. Dotloop
    If you haven't used Dotloop before, get ready to have your stack of papers and smudgy PDFs blown into the recycling bin where they belong. Integrates well with many off the shelf CRM systems.

  4. Cinc
    Real estate agents use the CINC app to manage their leads on the go. CINC has a visually appealing app where you can quickly view, prioritize, and manage your pipeline, helping you focus your efforts on the hottest leads.

  5. Amitree Folio
    Very similar to Dotloops offering, Folio attaches to your Gmail account and automatically organizes transactions, documents, and deal timelines that you can share with your clients.

  6. Realvolve
    Realvolve offers all the automation and workflow features you’d expect from a top-shelf real estate CRM at scale with an affordable price tag for agents and brokers.

  7. Buffer
    If you’re a busy agent or team leader trying to manage multiple social media accounts buffer will preschedule posts across multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

  8. Hotjar
    Hotjar offers visualizations of your leads ad visitors to your website. It integrates seamlessly with many off the shelf CRM systems and provides useful heatmap visualizations.

  9. Zillow Premier Agent App
    If you are managing any listings on Zillow you'll want to download this app right away, it has task management, lead sorting, and even lead assignment and other features for teams. 

  10. Canva
    You're a great real estate agent, nothing says you have to be a graphic designer in your job description. With canva you can create great-looking flyers, social media graphics, blog images, banner ads, and more

  11. Zapier
    Zapier is a connector or go between that passes data between apps. You can create a Zap that adds new leads from IDX Broker to your Follow Up Boss account, or automatically add leads from IDX Broker to your Mailchimp list. There are thousands of different app integrations you can create to handle workflow automations.

  12. Feedback Pro
    Feedback Pro works with you to help automatically reach out to real estate agents who have shown your listings and get relevant timely feedback from them that you can read and pass on to your clients, or have Feedback Pro send it along for you.

  13. Contactually
    Contactually is a CRM that real estate agents use to gather all their contacts together. It helps you categorize them and understand where they came from, and then helps you develop a communication strategy to get them where you want them to go. 

  14. Trello
    Trello lets you and anyone you’re working with stay organized and collaborate on long-term projects. It’s also dead-easy to use. In order to track projects, Trello lets you create “cards” that you can share with your partners or team and edit, move, and update them as you hit your goals. 

  15. Cloze
    Cloze helps real estate agents organize their relationships by tracking Evernote, call history, and email opens, and even pulls their social media info for you. Even better, it prompts you to keep in touch with your contacts at the right time.

  16. CamScanner
    CamScanner lets you take all that annoying paperwork that some brokerages still insist on and make clean-looking scans even while you’re away from the office.

  17. Smith
    Real estate agents use Smith for getting estimates for construction projects and helping buyers get professional estimates and hire contractors.

  18. Pool Contractor
    If you are selling or managing a property with a swimming pool - Pool Contractor makes it easy to find a pool service company to clean or repair a pool.

  19. RPR Mobile
    RPR lets you pull up listing data in a snap, and even lets you draw custom polygon search areas to target even the smallest micro neighborhood.

  20. Hubspot CRM
    HubSpot is a CRM that also offers marketing and sales tools. With the free version of HubSpot’s software, it offers contact management, deal and task pipelines, email scheduling, email templates, and more. It integrates well with apps like Zapier, Dotloop and more.

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Joan Cox
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Joe, always like to see new lists of best real estate apps.  Have not heard of a few, need to check them out.

Dec 29, 2020 04:42 PM