What is a Certified Commercial Practitioner, CCP?

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What is a CCP?

It is a commercial certification to learn about the important concepts associated with the practice of commercial real estate.

The CCP Program is an intensive class 25 hours, 5 hours per day and will be taught in five consecutive days from Monday thru Friday, in the schedule from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST. The class is presented via the Zoom platform and it will give you eight (8) CE hours

Includes a  full 200 full color guide. Here is the content and objectives:


Section 1.        Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

Section 2.        The Ownership of Commercial Real Estate

Section 3.        Financial Concepts and Use of the Financial Calculator

Section 4.        Financing Commercial Property

Section 5.        Estimating Value of Commercial Property

Section 6.        Working with Sellers/Landlords

Section 7.        Working with Buyers/Tenants

Section 8.        How to List and Sale/Lease Commercial Property

Section 9.        Commercial Leasing

Section 10.      Due Diligence


Learning Objectives:

List and describe the different types of commercial properties.

 Identify areas of specialization within the commercial real estate practice.

 Identify sub-categories of Commercial Real Estate

 Understand the concept of “On Going Business” or business opportunities.

 Understand the concept of ownership of Commercial Real Estate.

 Learn the benefits of Investing in Real Estate: Escalation of Rents, appreciation and Amortization.

 Learn how to use the financial calculator.

 Learn to perform practical exercises with the use of the financial calculator

 Understand the financial concept of Net Present Value

 Understand the financial concept of Internal rate of Return.

 Learn how to set up cash flow tables to perform financial analysis

 Understand and learn a real-world case study, perform the financial calculation and analyze the results.

 Learn and calculate a discount rate, an internal rate of return and capitalization rates.

 Learn how to calculate capitalization rates.

  Understand the principle of “Highest and Brest Use”

 Understand the concept of vacancy and perform exercises related

 Understand the concept of absorption and perform exercises related

 Learn the three approaches to estimate value of commercial real estate.

Learn to perform CAP rates calculations

 Learn to perform and valuate cash flow analysis

 Lean to perform cost reposition analysis.

 Learn and understand the commercial financing process.

 Understand the different aspects involved when working with Sellers/Landlords regarding the services provided and the representations.

 Understand the different aspects involved when working Buyers/Tenants regarding the services provided and the representations.

 Identify consulting services that can be provided to clients.

 Learn how to list and sell/lease commercial property.

 Understand the different steps to be successful in obtaining exclusive representations.

 Learn the Investigation process for both the property and the client.

 Identify the different steps for the preparation stage.

 Learn how to conduct the preliminary interview.

 Learn how to get the job in exclusive.

 Learn the different commercial leasing opportunities

 Understand the concepts of exclusivity and use.

 Understand and learn how to valuate commercial leases.

 Understand the concept of “Site Criteria”

 Perform a financial analysis on commercial properties.

 Learn the due diligence process as applied to different transactions.

 Understand the Environmental Analysis and its legal implications.

 Identify the key activities to perform the due diligence.



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