I Welcome this NEW DAY AND NEW YEAR!

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Today I have a fresh start.  I choose to begin a new letting go of unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that have stifled my growth and success.
This day I choose to think new thoughts, to look at new values, and to find new ways of expressing my God-given gifts.
I now choose to deepen my understanding of myself and others.  I will look at my relationships with family, my friends, and co workers in a new light.  I choose to have a vital, healthy interactions with others.
I truly welcome this new day, this new year, this new beginning, and this new me.  I welcome the wonderful possibilities open to me.  
In the new year, I will live one day at a time.  I will make each day one of preparation for better things ahead.  I will NOT dwell on the past or the futureONLY on the present.  I will bury every fear of the future, all thoughts of unkindness and bitterness, all my dislikes, my resentments, my sense of failure, my disappointments in others AND in myself, my gloom and my despondency.   
"Happy people are more altruistic, more productive, more helpful, more likable, more creative, more resilient, more interested in others, friendlier, and healthier"
May your day and week be filled with new beginnings, a positive attitude, a big happy smile, and many blessings!
All the best,

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Thank you for posting Tim L. Ramey .  It is a good thing to remember that each year, day, the hour is a new begining.  Don't get stuck on the failures and focus on what can be.  

Jan 04, 2021 09:52 AM