Soul tie symptoms

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A soul tie is a very interesting phenomenon. It’s beautiful and edifying when the two of you are experiencing life together, but it can be painful and draining if you are not anymore.


Most people know what a soul tie feels like. It’s when you feel a strong emotional, physical, or spiritual connection to someone. Some of us may not be familiar with the term and instead believe that they simply experienced bad heartbreak.


Whatever you like to call it, in this post I’m sharing five clear symptoms of soul ties anyone that has been in love before can relate to.


The first thing that is important to know is that soul tie symptoms will differ based on your current relationship status, whether it was a healthy or unhealthy soul tie and whether it was a godly or ungodly soul tie.


A godly soul tie affects your life positively and leads to symptoms that are rooted in positive feelings, such as love, peace, and belonging.

An ungodly soul tie on the other hand will lead to negative feelings, such as pain, restlessness, and sadness.


The symptoms can be the same for both, however, they will feel different based on your experience of the relationship or breakup.


You get emotional 

The first symptom of a soul tie tends to appear more after the breakup than during a relationship. You may still get emotional whenever you think of the other person or can’t mention his name without breaking out in tears. You may even experience a strong wave of sadness or depression repeatedly because you miss your ex-boyfriend so much. If that is the case, then it’s important to look for ways on how to break the soul tie in order to move on with your life. Either way, I never suggest numbing your feelings. It’s healthy to express them, however, don’t allow them to control you.


You feel connected to him 

Whenever you have a strong emotional and spiritual bond with someone you will oftentimes feel their feelings. Like a mother that knows something is wrong with her child, you will be able to tell the same. You might experience nausea or sudden stomach pain or have a very disturbing dream. And while it is happening you will in your mind and heart that his pain is connected to the other person. 


You can’t stop thinking of him

Another common sign of a soul tie is that you cannot control your thoughts anymore. Everything you do or see reminds you of that person and leads to a flood of emotions. Good and bad. It is like you are addicted to him and therefore think of him all day long.

You feel anxiously attached to him

The last one is a sign of an unhealthy soul tie. This is when you feel anxious and emotionally unstable without the other person. You perceive him to be the only one that understands you and has your best interest at heart. So much so that you want to be with him 24/7. You feel whole when you are with him, but incomplete when you are not. 


Each of these four points is soul tie symptoms that you may experience while in the relationship or after a breakup.

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