Road Rage In Los Angeles

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Los Angeles was great during the lockdowns (well, the actual lockdowns). Now that traffic is back to normal, I'm realizing just how awful road rage (both mine and others) is out here! 

One of our goals for the new year is to purchase our first home. So, we've been occasionally going to view new properties. 

The prices of single-family homes are still through the rough out here, but in my area, there are some really nice townhomes and condos being built, so we've been going to take a look.

On the road just on ONE trip a few weeks ago I'd been cut off, almost hit, and flipped off. Just ONE!

Maybe it's just me? Maybe everybody is just on-edge with all the turmoil going on in our country. Maybe a bit of both. 

Either way, I find it important now more than ever to find unique ways to center myself, stay calm when things get weird, and sometimes that leads me to turn to my favorite woo-woo practices like using crystals for protection while driving!

I've used crystals to manifest other things in my life and have had success, so why not use them for this too? 

I love placing crystals in all sorts of places, wearing them as jewelry, (even sometimes tucking them in my bra for extra reinforcement lol)... but my favorite way to use crystals to protect from driving issues is on a crystal keychain or a pendant hanging from the rearview mirror. 

They're so pretty! 

Crystals are easy to use, too. 

I'll admit -- sometimes I feel weird about the woo-woo stuff. 

Even though I've used it all for years, from tarot to pendulums, oracle cards, visualization and even some spells and other rituals, I still sometimes wonder if I'm totally nuts. 

But it DOES work. And the best thing about crystals is that they're so pretty and also just take a few minutes to use. 

So... why not? 

I don't need to know why something works. Heck, when we go to the doctor and they give us medication, we don't always need to know the exact chemical mechanism by which the drug interacts with our bodies. We just want to feel better. 

Same with this! At least for me. 

Anyway, I do find my magic crystals make me feel better while driving. I've had fewer issues with LA traffic, and my road rage is at least subsided. 

Now if only I could consistently get good parking spaces... that's next on the list of cute, fun things to manifest. 

One can only hope!


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