Tips on Editing PDFs for Real Estate Paperwork Efficiency

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Editing PDF can be easily turned into a creative process if you have enough tools and know-how to use them. No matter whether you work on printable W2 forms or simply want to make notes in the book you are reading, you can try multiple approaches. Many users prefer to edit PDFs on the computer; others try cloud-based options. You have numerous methods to check.

Adobe Acrobat Editor

Acrobat is one of the most helpful tools for both Windows and Mac owners. If you want to receive advanced services, you have to subscribe to the Creative Cloud from Adobe. After that, the work can be handled in several steps:

  • Open the program;
  • Find the tag “File” and open it;
  • Now you can choose the file in PDF that you decided to edit;
  • After opening the file, pick the “Edit PDF” option in the toolbar on your right side;
  • If you need to edit a part of the text, just place the cursor on it;
  • At the top of the toolbar, there is a “Format” option. You have to select the “Format” there;
  • If you need to change the image in PDF, simply place the cursor on it;
  • Change it by using the option “Objects”.

Editing Document on Mac

Apple offers a Preview service for all Mac owners. Preview is a free editing tool that allows you not only to open and read documents in PDF or other formats but also to edit them. Its features allow you to put signatures inside, highlight parts of the text, add more text, and make comments inside.

A guide on adding the text:

  • Put the cursor on the place where the new text should be;
  • Open the “Tools” and pick “Annotate”. Now choose “Text” and begin to type;
  • If you want to change the color, size, or font of the text, you need to open “View”. Pick the “Show Markup Toolbar”, and click A;
  • You can place a text box anywhere on the document.

Tips on text highlighting:

  • Choose the text for highlighting;
  • Switch the mode on for highlighting by selecting the icon with marker picture on it;
  • To change the color, underline, or strikethrough it, you have to click on the same icon and select the proper option;
  • Keep in mind that the chosen text will be highlighted only during the time when the highlight mode is on;
  • If you need to remove a highlight, click the text and choose the option “Remove Highlight”.

Editing Lessons for Windows

If you have Word that is older than 2013, you can open your PDF and convert it. After that, just edit Word as you want. Do all the changes you need and save the file as a PDF. It is free of charge. There are other programs, but they can be pricey. Yet, you may use Foxit Reader, which is free.

Adding the text:

  • Pick the “Edit” in Menu;
  • Select the icon “Edit Text” from the toolbar;
  • If you want to add the text, just place the cursor on the empty place where you want this text to be. Begin to type;
  • You may also change the color, size, font in the program.

Highlighting the text in PDF:

  • Drag the cursor over the part of the text which you want to highlight. Opt for another color if you want;
  • If you want a strikethrough, you have to select it by clicking the button “Strikethrough”;
  • Choose the option “Note” if you want to make notes in the document after highlighting the text nearby. There will be an empty area where you can place your comments.

Best Editors for Free

From time to time, we all may need to use advanced features that include putting signatures on the document, making annotations, and highlighting parts of the text. When it comes to editing, PDF is not that easy as Microsoft Word, for example. However, you can still do everything you need free of charge.

Main editors for Windows:

  • Microsoft Edge;
  • Acrobat Reader;
  • Xodo;
  • Foxit Reader;
  • Nitro PDF Reader;
  • PDF Viewer Plus.

Editors on Mac:

  • Acrobat Reader;
  • Apple Preview;
  • PDFelement for Mac;
  • Skim;
  • PDF Nomad;
  • PDF Expert.

The Best Tool

You can use several tools at once. Download a few free of charge programs to perform versatile actions with them. If you already have your favorite programs, tell about them in the comments.

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