An Alternative To School For The Younger Years

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This is not going to be an article about why you should homeschool your kids. That's a whole other article of it's own.


It's about preparing your kids to succeed academically.


Frankly, the public school system makes it difficult for kids to excel in the younger years.


The younger years, kids have to learn how to read and do basic arithmetic. 


Young children need INDIVIDUAL attention - a need the schools find it difficult to meet, considering the large class sizes.


With a group of 20 kids in a kindergarten class, how in the world is a child going to learn to read? Pick up a few words here and there, maybe, but actually read - no.


They are lucky if they even learn all their letter sounds in Kindergarten.


This is not an exaggeration.


My background is in education. I recently helped a Kindergarten student learn to read.


He finished his first year of public school and did not learn his letter sounds in school.


My advise, if it is possible for you to do so - educate your kids at home until at least they are reading and doing basic Grade 1 Math. Then, if re-think if they should go back to public school.


If a kid can read, he can learn anything in life. 


This is such an important skill to learn early before academic subjects increase in difficulty.


If you can't have your kids homeschooled, then consider supplementing wherever their weaknesses are: either Math, Reading, or Writing.


You don't have to be a teacher to teach your kids.


There are curriculums out there that lay everything out for you! 


If you have a child who is three years of age - even better. You can prepare them with the best preschool homeschool curriculum options available.


If you have a Kindergartener that struggles academically, consider looking into some of the best Kindergarten homeschool curriculum choices out there.


For kids between the ages of 6-7, here are these first grade homeschool curriculum options recommended.


Are Your Kids Doing Virtual Schooling?


I ask this because I want to clear up a misconception.


People often confuse homeschooling with virtual schooling.


It is not the same thing.


Virtual schooling is still schooling with the public school or whatever school.


Homeschooling is much more flexible and you choose to do it when you want, how you want, wherever you want, and in some states, you can choose what you want to teach too.


Some states have laws on what you can teach and others do not. You would have to check yor own state laws.


Luckily, where I live, there are no specific laws governing how I can teach my kids at home.


There is a lot of resources out there to help your child learn and it could be overwhelming I know. I hope some of the links I provided help you with your child's education.


Whatever you do with this information, play an active role in your child's education. Don't leave it all up to the school system.


You are your child's greatest teacher.


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