How a Phone Call is Better than Email for Marketing

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Marketing is an important aspect of any organization seeking long-term growth. Companies can adopt various means of sending messages during their marketing campaigns. 

Human beings are generally wired for conversations rather than reading text messages. You can, therefore, leverage a phone call as superior to an email for marketing. From immediate feedback to dealing with sensitive and complex matters and building rapport with customers, a phone call can be considered better than an email for marketing.

Immediate feedback

People spend a lot of time reading and responding to emails and sometimes, they may take longer than expected to give feedback. A phone call is good because you can get immediate feedback, especially if the matter is time-sensitive. Your message may not be ignored or lumped together with others in an email queue.

Today, people want to enjoy the flexibility of making business calls anywhere using any relevant devices. A virtual phone system offered by Talkroute allows you to make calls and send messages using a business number on the caller ID. 

With, you can enjoy different services such as call forwards, text messaging, extensions, voice mail, and live call transfers using your smartphone or desktop. Download your app from your phone, Windows, Linux, or macOS and get started within minutes.

Dealing with sensitive or personal matters

A phone call can allow you to handle topics that are personal or sensitive. You may not get something wrong on matters such as illness, performance review, or death. Your recipients can appreciate and understand the importance of the matter you want to discuss. 

If, for instance, a customer was aggrieved as a result of a failed product delivery, a phone call can show empathy to that customer. You can take an empathic approach to address opportunities, gaps, and goals. 

Sometimes customers tend to ignore email messages when you want to obtain feedback. With a phone call, the customer has no choice but to give you feedback, which you can use to improve products or services. 

Explaining complex issues

A phone can help you to explain step by step procedures or something new. This may provide a deeper context and allow the recipient to ask for clarifications on any unclear issues.

For better results, stay focused, be friendly, and ensure that the conversation does not go off-track. It is easier to make a call interesting, simple, and engaging. It also gives you the flexibility to support facts with examples or by telling stories, which may not be the case with emails. 

Addressing questions

There are situations where people may ask questions, especially when you have introduced a new business concept. A phone call can allow you to address the questions well, unlike emails. You can focus on a question during a conversation and ensure that you give proper clarification before moving to the next one.

You can address more questions in a phone call, faster and conveniently than you could otherwise have done if you were sending emails. When you use emails, you may lose track of the issues raised or leave some questions unanswered. However, always encourage your recipients to take notes during the conversations so that they don’t forget what you have discussed. 

Build rapport

Phone calls are a great option for a networking conversation because you can build better rapport with your customers. This is because it allows you to add more information and engage in a more interactive dialogue. The rapport is tied to emotional transfers that are achievable in phone conversations and not emails. 

Even when the customers read something on your website, how you interact with them verbally makes a difference. Customers feel more appreciated because it shows that you are dealing with a passion-based business.

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