Katy Moms, are You Surviving the Summer?

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Late this afternoon, when I picked up my 16-yr-old daughter from a friend's house, I felt like I hadn't seen her for a very long time. In fact, it was more than 24-hours. 

Yesterday, she left at noon to spend the night celebrating her girlfriend's birthday. They hung out with friends, went to play Laser Tag, and celebrated with pizza and birthday cake.

 "Elizabeth", I said, "It seems like you've been gone for days."

 Her quick retort, "Mom, this is what summer is for!"

 "But, honey, I've missed you," I replied.

 Silence. Absolute silence.

 "Is something wrong, Elizabeth?"

 "I'm tired; we stayed up all night talking."

 More silence.

Oh, to be 16, again! Totally self-important and full of tomorrows. I say this jokingly; in reality, I wouldn't want to be in the world our kids have to live in today. Things are so complicated. There is so much pressure to perform. So many dangers.

I like that my daughter's summer is full of fun, friends and doing what teens like the very best, "hanging out". It reminds me of my summers when I was her age. 

I'm also grateful that, come Monday morning, Elizabeth will be at her part-time job at church where she works with little ones in a day camp. Structure and responsibilty, that's all good, too!

I don't tell her that because, even though she really likes her job, I fear too much encouragement from me would be met with the unending 16-yr-old silence. Deafening silence.

Did I mention I also have a 14-yr-old son?

So, Katy Moms, how are you surviving the summer?

Best wishes, Julie 

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