2021 The Foreseeable Future

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How do you do with your foreseeing the future?

It is interesting for me to have changed a couple of things recently.

Now think about this, it all began in 2020, I was not waiting for the New Year or to make any New Years Resolutions...  When I used to do that years ago, they only lasted about two weeks. What is enjoyable and helps create a happy mindset for me so much that for the past two weeks or so, I wake up automatically at 4:50 A.M

Hit my face with some cold water, and off to the best seat in the house, the perfect light, (remember it is still dark) turn to one of my most favorite books: BEYOND POSITIVE THINKING by Dr. Robert Anthony. Actually recently I purchased copies for some friends in San Diego, Prescott, AZ. Chicago and Denver.

After reading it a couple of times, (each time I read it) I underlined or highlighted the most positive and exciting parts. Now I manage to read SOME OF THAT EVERy DAY . It may be 25 minutes or just 10 or fewer minutes.

It is helping me to avoid anything negative in the foreseeable future in my world.

One last item... Do you have trouble going to sleep?

Count to yourself without moving your lips. to 100, or backward from 100. Works amazing. Now a friend said it is tough, things keep popping up and I said yes! That gives you a reason to get back immediately to the number you are on whether it is 79 or 34 and so on. If it is not working, this is the point keep working to focus, and when the "stuff" pops up just say STOP IT! as he says in the book BEYOND POSITIVE THINKING.

 Oh one last item: AVOID ALL NEWS, including YOU TUBE. Remember this: If something bad happens, someone else will tell you.

Remember where yoiu were when JFK was shot? or Where you were when 9/11/2001 event came about? See what I mean.  Let the other person keep up to date on the country or world issues. While you and I enjoy life.


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Brad Thomsen
Big Bear Realty - Edmonds, WA
Real Estate Services

Hi Dan Dee McGinnis The Pumpkin Man 

Terrific post

I may have heard a variation on the theme years ago from Zig Ziglar that things are what they are 'out there' but we can control what happens in the 12 inches between our ears and 'in here' things are GREAT

Have a Great 2021


Happy Selling!


Jan 13, 2021 06:23 PM

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