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Ylopo – Will this Real Estate Lead Generation System work for you?

Ylopo – Will this Real Estate Lead Generation System work for you?

Ylopo combines the wide-ranged power of Facebook marketing, IDX searching, AI chatbots, and automated backend features, all meant to capture and cultivate the interest of individuals who are wishing to purchase or sell real estate. Personally speaking, Ylopo best suits technology-savvy real estate agents and those who are in their first few years of polishing their careers in this field. Ylopo is also a good catch for small to mid-size teams who are focused on mobilizing the wide-ranged power of social media marketing and even in training new real estate agents. Ylopo pledges to deliver the lowest price of purchase amenity across all inbound marketing. In every 50-70 leads, you will get a revenue-generating opportunity of one. However, through an ISA team or text concierge services like Raiya, these figures can be better. However, the majority of the real estate professionals I talked to do not use these other services.

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Ylopo – Leadership/Company Summary

Ylopo was founded by Howard Tager and Juefeng Ge in 2015, and it is located in Santa Monica, California. Tager and Ge met from their previous real estate marketing startup company Tiger Leads, where Howard Tager was the CEO and Co-founder. At the same time, Juefeng Ge was the President of Marketing and product strategy. In 2012, Tiger Leads was obtained by Move Inc. for 22 million, and then, later on, Move Inc. sold it to Commissions Inc. Presently, Ylopo has both in-office and international staff with about 50 employees. Juefeng Ge, along with Ylopo’s Vice President of Business Development, Sean Purtill, and Head of Business Development Aaron Franklin, works to ensure Ylopo provides useful marketing information and services to their growing client base.


Howard Tager and Juefeng Ge are no strangers in the real estate marketing field, Co-founding Ylopo, Tager, and Ge were able to form a “Dream Team.” They do not rely solely on their internal employees and their hired virtual workers that support their other customers. From this, they skillfully managed Ylopo and made an exceptional sales force for their company. Despite having a technically competent team, they are still vulnerable to mistakes that sometimes even explaining and rating their own services is a struggle. Of course, they also receive complaints as any other company and businesses do. Primary complaints are about how their company is progressing too fast, mainly all about “hard to keep up” complaints. In contrast, Ylopo has shown that they continue to re-invest in their product range, clients, and services; thus, they have earned a place in the PRO group.

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For the last couple of years, Ylopo has been gaining marketing momentum. However, there was not much feedback or reviews you can read about them in open forums such as Google reviews, so I went directly to their clients. When I say clients, there are many of them, and since Ylopo does not permit public reviews on their Facebook account, I went straight in reviewing the posts of their clients. I did not ask permission to publish the information gathered from their clients from Ylopo, but overall, Ylopo has excellent customer and even staff feedback. 

How does Ylopo work?

Ylopo’s website has two different domains, the first one is a searching site, and the other is a website with a brand.

Ylopo Advertising

Ylopo has various approaches in creating persuasive and riveting advertisements, and among those is “listing rocket,” this Ylopo approach sits as my most favorite one. Thus this one will be used as my example here. Ylopo can access MLS and have it uploaded to Facebook. They amalgamate the photos and text stored in the MLS and turn it into a Facebook advertisement. This is a video from one of Ylopo’s real estate agents Barry Jenkins. Ylopo has also gotten a good grasp of leveraging the “audience type” of advertising Facebook’s advertising strategy. 

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Ylopo A.I. (RAIYA)

Ylopo uses an AI chatbox that sends texts to your prospects. Its purpose is to maintain dialogue and connection with new leads generated from your Ad campaign. Ylopo has taken into account AI use, which may boost your overall lead quantity and quality. After generating a lead, it is fed into CRM integration. When you use the Ylopo method right, these actions could produce an ROI scenario without an ISA once every 50-70 search or question. However, these figures can drop from one ROI scenario to one in every generated lead of 30-40.

Ylopo Pricing

SET UP $1000 – $1500
· Squarespace IDX Website
· Account set up
· Tech Plus – $295 M/O
· Access to the Ylopo Infrastructure
· Integration with a CRM
· Homebot
· No Lead Gen
Starter Package – $495 M/O
This package includes $300 a month towards lead gen.
Add Ons
$100 for Raiya (Text AI) Per Level with a level being number of leads being worked.
$100 for remarketing Per Level
$100 for every 1000 contacts imported into Ylopo.

Closing thoughts on Ylopo

Ylopo is a Facebook advertisement framework that tops its class. Rather than subscribing to Facebook’s marketing lesson, I would personally choose to use Ylopo instead because regardless of how good you get by subscribing to Facebook marketing education, it is implausible that you can reach or beat Ylopo’s Cost per lead. Instead, you can potentially waste $1000 on programs that do not possess the results Ylopo offers. Generating leads is not as high as shown in the intent funnel strategies such as SEO, Zillow, or Youtube marketing. However, long-time realtors may want to search elsewhere, especially if they're more concerned with getting quality leads over quantity. For teams, this is a great tool to train new agents on how to handle leads for themselves. Adding Five Street and Agent Assistance is also an effective way to utilize the leads fully you generate

Check out our original blog post at https://inboundrem.com/.

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