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Christophe Choo – Real Estates #1 Video Marketer

What can Christophe Choo teach YOU about real estate video marketing?

In 2008, real estate agent Christophe Choo began using real estate video marketing as his primary marketing tool. Videos uploaded on his Youtube channel center on luxurious real estate and highlight the luxury lifestyle of Los Angeles. Today, his videos can reach up to 9.5 MILLION views on Youtube with over 29.9k subscribers. 
I can say that Christophe’s sale is about 120 million, note that these figures are from the leads he generated from the videos he uploaded in his youtube channel and from various Facebook posts. In 2018, Christophe Choo was voted as the #1 Real Estate Video Influencer in North America by the Bomb Bomb/Tom Ferry.
Ranking as the #1 Real Estate video influencer of 2018, take note, in the whole of North America, it is apparent that Christophe Choo is a notable real estate video mentor. Allow me to help you learn through Christophe the art of real estate video marketing. 

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How to brand yourself with Video Christophe-style

This blog focuses on creating a video. I will make use of several methods that will make you clearly comprehend our topic.

  • Look for different subjects in your neighborhood that you are passionate about. You can showcase different subjects in your video, the lifestyle of people in that neighborhood, the places near it, things that will make your viewers or future clients interested in your target market. For Christophe, he likes to drive along with the neighborhood he targets, most of the time highlights the lifestyle in that area, and since he sells millions worth of real estate, his brand is lined with luxury.
  • Be consistent with your schedule and follow it. Have a fixed schedule, especially when you are uploading videos. It would be best if you kept your audience interested in the content you publish. You can start by uploading two videos a month while trying to grasp the art of real estate video marketing.
  • Highlight transactional and lifestyle content. Christophe shows in his videos the lifestyle in Beverly Hills, investors from various places are tickled by this, they get interested. From that interest, you can get a possible client.
  • BE REAL. People buy from people you can trust based on their actions and performance at work.

Does Christophe use professional video marketing services for listings?

When filming a real estate video, Christophe makes sure that he publishes two to three sets of videos around a listing. He hires a professional videographer whose forte is real estate shoots to showcase the property. His videos involve a personal virtual tour of the property with rich views of the entire estate. Here is a sample video of his $10 million listing located in the Palisades area of Los Angeles.

The titles for Christophe’s professional videos are the same as the real estate address being showcased. When looking or searching for the property, you will come across many of his videos on Google’s first page. Here’s a second video you can watch.

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What type of equipment does Christophe use to shoot his real estate videos?

When filming a real estate video, you must consider the overall quality of the content you will produce. Christophe Choo the latest iPhone when shooting his videos. However, his videographer is free to choose which equipment or camera he will be using during a professional shoot. Either method works and it's best to use whichever is applicable to your situation.

Want to learn about Real Estate Video Marketing Directly from Christophe?

If you want to learn from the master of real estate video marketing Christophe Choo himself, I’ve got you covered. Christophe generously shared analogies and some stories regarding how to sell properties through video marketing. This was in the podcast that I co-host. 

  • Christophe's Work Ethic
  • His Sales History
  • How long he got he started to generate leads from his videos
  • Why Christophe got into video marketing

Why I blogged about Christophe - A Personal Story.

Back in 2009, I met Christophe Choo. I was still a Senior Sales Executive for Agent Image at that time. I personally chose him as my real estate video marketing mentor. He was keen on making an exceptional website solely to highlight his real estate videos. He told us to come to Beverly Hills to meet him and reminded us to bring a technical resource. Being in the digital marketing industry, it is quite challenging to get an in-person appointment. However, it was a different case for Christophe. He sold me. Christophe was timely in answering our calls, he always had questions, and he even decided to buy us lunch.

From El Segundo, Andrew and I went out to hike in Beverly Hills, and we found ourselves sitting in an entirely fancy diner. Together with his technical resource, we saw Christophe dressed with excellence and glory. I was not the kind of person who is persistently chasing luxury real estate agents like some in the office, but I found myself having a meeting with Christophe Choo himself. He had several questions regarding SEO, which showed me how informed he was about the digital marketing field. 

Based on his questions alone, I figured that we weren't gonna be able to close him. We didn't have what he was looking for at the time. So, I can certainly say that Christophe is a hundred steps ahead in the real estate industry based on his digital marketing strategy vision during our meeting. He knew what he was doing, he exudes this notable charisma, and he is a humble person yet confident in what he does. This man treated us remarkably well, which is rare when you are in a luxury real estate's digital space.

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Christophe's Future Plans

During our hour and a half long meeting, I was able to ask Christophe his objectives and plans for the website and video. These were his answers.

  • His target is to sell luxury real estate through publishing high-quality marketing videos.
  • He wants an exclusive TV show
  • He aims to be the industry lead authority in the Beverly Hills market.

However, this was BEFORE the million-dollar listing. Meaning, it was before Christophe had sold a home worth a million-dollar through a video. 11 years later, Christophe Choo was able to accomplish his goals. He's become a household name in the industry and is ranked as one of the world's best luxury agents.

Christophe Choo is a man of his words, he manifested his dreams into reality, and now he is among those who sit on the top in the field of real estate. He is good with what he does, and thus, his hard works have now paid off twofold. You can certainly tell that his branding and all are precise and professionally executed. If you have decided to get real in real estate video marketing, you will definitely learn from this man.

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Will Hamm
Hamm Homes - Aurora, CO
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Great information Robert to share with us here in the rain.  More people are doing videos all the time.


Jan 14, 2021 08:29 AM
Robert Newman
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Will Hamm Pleasure will. Video is the future that is already here.

Jan 14, 2021 02:47 PM