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I used Follow Up Boss | Here are the Pro’s and Con’s

Follow Up Boss – Is this real estate CRM as good as they say it is?

Follow up Boss is a type of stand-alone Real Estate CRM Software with automated follow-up features. It ties to various websites, namely IDX Broker, BoomTown, CINC, Bold Leads, Ylopo, InboundREM, and 200 more digital tools.
It manages leads and lead sources and has a fixed dialer used for phone follow-ups. It also automates follow-up by sending emails and texts. Follow Up Boss enables team management by tracking the lead flow activity and the website’s overall performance. It traces different individual activities ranging from emails, calls, and texts from their automated system. Plus, its software offers a user-friendly dashboard and exportable copies of reports of all the tracked activities.

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Follow Up Boss Company and Leadership Information

In 2011, Dan Corkill and Tom Markow Co-founded Follow Up Boss. I could say that it’s almost monotonous to review Follow Up Boss since everything is either 4.3 to 5 stars. After 2 hours of searching and reading different reviews, the nearest thing I call a complaint is a concern about a price increase a few years ago by some customers and an assistance request from an employee. Here are some of the reviews I came across.

Glassdoor 4.8 out of 5 stars

G2 4.3 out of 5 stars

Capterra 4.5 out of 5 stars

Follow Up Boss Features List and some HUGE CONS

I came up with two CONS concerning Follow Up Boss. Their base tutorial and introduction on the feature list are insufficient for you to understand how to use their platform fully. If you check on their YouTube channel and even their website, you will see the demo videos. In terms of their external marketing, it’s unorganized and too mixed up. If you want to understand their system completely, you might want to consider booking a demo. Hopefully, you will get a well-informed sales representative who will help you absorb how their CRM software works.

Follow Up Boss Pricing

They increase their pricing every time they modify their key core offering. Follow Up Boss (2011-2013) was initially about $35 per person. In 2015, After making several modifications, they raised it to $50. Removing the pricing tier in 2017 and upgraded to a new version. This is the pricing as of May 2020.

GROW $69 per user 1-5 users

PRO $499 from 5-10 users

PLATFORM $1000 15-30 users

Add on – Integrated Calling $39 per user included in some plans.

There is no fixed pricing policy yet, and apparently, they are still trying to figure it out. I could say my opinions on this matter are quite generous. Follow Up Boss is a Real Estate CRM that best suits 1-3 users offering great value for money by a million miles. Note that they are certainly competitive for their rates between 3-10 users compared to similar platforms. In comparison to other CRMs, I can say that Follow Up Boss offers a preferable value. In a larger team consisting of 15-30 users, their pricing is comparable. However, the 100-1000 user mark is where they lose against their competitors who offer $15-20 per-user rates.

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Feature Pros and Cons

The primary cons I found for Follow Up Boss are external marketing, limited effective training resources, and the pricing policy they offer to larger teams. However, even when considering these cons compared to similar CRMs, Follow Up Boss is still one of the best available.
Although Follow Up Boss can track various activities through their two-way integration, other CRM systems like BoomTown, Sierra Interactive, and Real Estate Webmasters display user behavior a lot more cleanly. This means proactive agents could easily recognize patterns upon observing the times of visit and recurring behaviors of visitors. This helps them create a more personalized follow-up interaction specifying listings or neighborhoods that the lead frequents.

  • Lead Import – Follow Up Boss has by far the most detailed importing rules. Authorizing end-user (you) to make customized fields during the import process provides the best initiative to keep all of your lead information secure.
  • Learning Follow Up Boss –  It takes 30-40 minutes to fully grasp how to use their system. They provided video demos on using their system, way quicker than the other CRMs I previously tried.  
  • CRM –  You can track the various activities on different websites and lead generating platforms with diverse filter options.
  • Team Management – Delegate and monitor leads by source, round-robin, lead pools, and other custom lead dispersion settings.
  • Agent and Team Calling – You can create and document outbound calls from Follow Up Boss for an extra fee.
  • Email – Standalone providers are better but the platform does have email functionality.
  • Text – Mass text is not available. You can send individual texts which are recorded on their profile.
  • Funnels – Lead providers like Ylopo and InbundRem have customized funnels connected to FUB. Please take note that FUB has its own ready-made funnels that are also quite effective.
  • Tracking – FUB tracks various activities on the platform.
  • Training – Like other systems and services, training is included. However, there's a steep learning curve for you to be able to fully utilize the platform.
  • Integrations – There are 200+ major and minor platforms that integrate with Follow Up Boss.

CRM Comparison

Finding a platform that works for you can be a challenge, especially if you have no idea about the various options available to realtors. As a long time digital marketing professional and having worked with so many clients, I understand how challenging it can be to find a system that works best for your needs. I've compiled a review of some of the top real estate platforms out there. If you're still unsure if Follow Up Boss for you, please check out my reviews on similar service providers down below.

Final Thoughts

Follow Up Boss grants real estate professionals and brokers who own a website an “ALL-INCLUSIVE” CRM. I give Follow Up Boss credit for doing a great job compared to other companies. It is a given fact that real estate agents and teams have different ways of dealing with leads. But one thing is certain that CRM systems are a necessity in this field. A standalone CRM provides multiple features to the point that it takes forever to write a single review for them that causes the readers to doze off. So if you are reading this part of the review, you are not asleep yet. I hope my review helps you in making an informed decision on which platform works for you. For more information on the topic, feel free to contact me.

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