Welcome to "Local Attractions - Hidden Gems" and Posting Guidelines

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Welcome to the ActiveRain Local Attractions - Hidden Gems Group!

The objective of this group is to get the word out about local attractions and especially ones that are hidden gems -- to allow others to discover and enjoy them for themselves. This can be natural or man made, but its something special to your area.

The primary purpose of this group is to share the attraction highlights with others who may be thinking of moving or visiting your "local" area, as well as making residents in and around the attraction aware of it, so they can check it out for themselves.

See posting guidelines ("Posting Criteria for Group", below) for details as to what is appropriate content.

Explore and enjoy our local attractions... and Save Gas!



While most of the posting criteria for this group is based on general ActiveRain guidelines, there are a few specific to this group (although most groups have similar ones):

1.  Local Attractions Only. 

All entries must be about a local attraction(s), natural or manmade, that you believe is of interest and can be enjoyed by others.  Attractions should be within one (1) hour driving time or less from where you live and work.  Article must be based on first-hand experience or knowledge about the attraction.  DO NOT include advertising or non-original text... if you want to provide advertising information, then link to the add or attraction's web page.   If not sure if your article is appropriate or not, then post the article without including it in the group and email with a link to it.  After reviewing it, we will let you know if appropriate or not.

2. No spamming...

this includes personal advertisements, advertisements disguised as announcements, etc. 

3. Stay on focus.

Just because you write a great post for which everyone may be interested, does not mean it should also be included in this group. 

For those that have the tendency or urge to do this, allow me to make a suggestion...
It will probably be better to post the majority of your posts in the [*** make appropriate substitution here ***] group which are more generic with respect to readers and not this group,

If we feel it not appropriate, it will be automatically removed.

4. Avoid ALL CAPS in titles.

While you think you are getting more attention that way, it actually does the reverse as most people view ALL CAPS in titles as either flaming, inexperienced poster, spam, immaturity or a combination of them.  ALL CAPS in the heading, while it may make you stand out, are actually harder to read and most people tend to ignore associating with advertising.   In order to avoid the "spamming" look of other blogs, we will remove automatically (do not have the time to notify poster) any entries that are ALL CAPS in the title.  (If that happens to your entry, all you have to do is correct the title using upper/lower case and then resubmit.)

5. No Properties for Sale or Desiring to Buy.

Most of us want others to know about our properties and we need a venue for other members to quickly find out about available properties.

However, we already have a great facility via Localism.com whereby we can posts listings by location.  Posting listings to this group, even if a "local attraction", will result in the group posts looking like spam and often interest to none but a very few members for each occurrence.   They will be automatically removed.

DON'T FORGET to include your local attraction post in the appropriate Localism region.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on how to continue to improve the group.

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