Intelligent Realty marketing (for buyer and sellers) for 2008 and beyond

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Location, Price and Home "Character" (related to Lifestyle)

People make decisions on realty based on a combination of location, price, AND desired character.  Yet, while the current economics vs. one's ability to finance is fundamental, I focus on location and a home's personal character or charm that are even more fundamental to feeling good about a purchase.

Desirable features in ANY economic climate

Riverfront homes, Golf Course Homes, Log Homes, Secluded Homes, 4+ Bedroom, Horse property, Homes with Mountain Views, Condos and Homes with Basements are all features that speak to specific charm and character, and are very desirable in any economic climate.  Each small community has it's own attributes that attracts people of like attitudes.  These may be subtle or very prominent,  and as such, people tend to naturally develop preferences that are directly related to their level of comfort.

Conventional marketing communcations is Inefficient

Conventional marketing communications for these desirable locations, character/lifestyle and price ranges sets is inefficient.  Few people have the time to constantly monitor these markets and get the jump on a new HOT listing.  I provide dynamic filtered lists based on the most popular characteristics as RSS feeds or LIVE RSS Feed "Widgets" that can deliver updated listings as often as hourly.

RSS Feeds and Desktop Widgets":  Anonymous Newsletter / HOT Sheets for 2008 and beyond

Delivered as un-abnoxious RSS feeds to your browser, or as a scrollable Vista desktop 'gadget', this is the intelligent way to monitor the local market for the most desirable types of properies.

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Hans Iduma
Gaithersburg, MD
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

Blythe-I am curious after reading about your intelligent conventional marketing strategy and I was wondering if there is any similar system out there for loan originators.

Jun 22, 2008 07:28 AM