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Home Improvement Tasks to Prevent an Accident

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While winter isn’t over and many parts of the country are still be covered in snow, it’s never too early to start planning home improvement projects for the springtime. Some quick maintenance tasks can improve your family’s safety, avoid annoying pests from entering your home, and make your home the perfect place to enjoy the warmer months. We have outlined five maintenance tasks that everyone should do as springtime approaches.

Clean Gutters

Check your gutters for debris and remove as much as you can with your hands. You can remove any leftover rubble with a hose. Make sure you protect your hands by wearing gloves, if you’re using a ladder avoid a fall accident by properly securing the ladder and making sure it is tall enough to reach the gutters. According to personal injury attorneys, a common cause of brain injuries is falling from stairs or ladders. Prevent an accident at home by practicing basic ladder safety measures.

Test Smoke Alarms

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month and batteries should be replaced once or twice a year. Your spring maintenance checklist should include checking that all the smoke alarms or smoke detectors in your home are functioning properly and that their batteries are working. A defective smoke alarm could be fatal in case of a fire accident at home.

Protect Your Home from Pests

As the weather starts to warm up bugs will be more active. Prevent insect and other pests like rodents from entering your home by filling any cracks or holes in the walls. Try to keep your yard maintained and avoid any water from pooling in your yard, clear leaves and other debris to eliminate hiding spots for critters. As snow melts, the water can pool around in certain areas, this pooled water can become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, make sure you clear any water in and around your home. If you have a persistent problem with insects or other types of pests, contact a pest control expert for help. If not managed, rodents carrying ticks, mosquito bites, and other insects could pose a serious health risk to your family.

Remove Thatch From Your Yard

Thatch is a layer of living and dead plant matter that can accumulate in your yard, if it’s too thick it can prevent new grass from growing through. Remove this layer from your yard to make way for new grass to grow as the temperatures increase.


Before you and your family can enjoy some time outdoors, make sure you cut back and trim all vegetation and overgrown bushes in your home. Overgrown tree limbs and leaves can deteriorate a house’s paint. Cut down overgrown trees with dry leaves and limbs, extreme wind could break them off and cause serious damage to your home or result in injuries. If you can’t trim overgrown bushes or trees safely on your own, call a gardener for help, if you can’t safely reach a tree with a ladder don't trim it, you could suffer an accident which will be more expensive than hiring a gardener to do the job.

Springtime is one of the best seasons to enjoy with your family. With the ongoing pandemic, most of us are spending more time at home now than ever. This is a great time to take on some maintenance or home improvement tasks around your home.