Pros and Cons of Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

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Espresso kitchen cabinets offer a great way to bring a new and exciting look to your kitchen. The dark-themed kitchen cabinets can help you make a long-lasting statement when doing kitchen remodeling. However, you also need to know that it has its downsides. Therefore, we will look at the pros and cons of Espresso kitchen cabinets to help you decide if they can be your ideal choice for cabinets.

The Benefits:

Offer Versatile Look

One of the leading benefits of espresso kitchen cabinets is that they offer a versatile look. When you choose the dark colors for your kitchen cabinets, you can match them with almost any other color, more especially the brighter ones. This means that you have a lot of options regarding your kitchen hardware and home décor items.

Provide a Clean Appearance

Another great benefit is that they help in keeping your kitchen clean. If you choose the dark brown kitchen cabinets, the appearance is often classic with a clean appearance. It works perfectly well with modern homeowners looking for sleek kitchens that look clean and have a classic touch.

Add Drama

If you do not want a boring kitchen, then you should opt for the espresso kitchen cabinets, which provide instant drama in the kitchen. Luckily, the kind of scene it creates is exciting and doesn’t come at a high cost.

The Drawbacks:

Need Constant Cleaning

One of the drawbacks of dark kitchen cabinets is the need for constant cleaning. You need to clean them often to avoid unwanted scenarios where food particles are hidden in the dark cabinets. You need a damp cloth when wiping the dark kitchen cabinets to remove all the dirt.

Show Scratches

Another thing that you need to know is that darker cabinets show dings and scratches very easily. This means that the users have to be extra careful when handling the cabinets to avoid scratching. Another option would be to buy varnish or a cover stick that matches with the cabinet door.

Makes The Kitchen Look Heavy

If you have a small kitchen, the dark cabinets will make your kitchen appear very heavy. This can only work well for people with large kitchen areas. Even with a larger kitchen, you still need to add brighter kitchen appliances and hardware to counter the heavy look of the Espresso kitchen Cabinets.

Final say:

Now, you can use the pros and cons to guide your decision. However, you should fear attempting the Espresso look in your kitchen as it looks very unique.

Comments (3)

Norma J. Elkins
Elite Realty Group - Morristown, TN
Realtor - Elkins Home Selling Team

They looks beautiful but they remind me of having a black car.  Same pros and cons and you have to make sure they are kept clean.  Awesome blog, thanks for sharing!

Jan 21, 2021 04:43 AM
Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
Real Estate Broker - Retired

Good morning Kate. I go from dark to light in my thinking on a preference. Enjoy your day.

Jan 21, 2021 04:45 AM
Sharon & Bruce Walter
Keller Williams Realty Lafayette, IN - Lafayette, IN
West Lafayette homes for sale

These cabinets are very popular in our area with builders and buyers while many still prefer white.  Very informative post on the pros and cons!


Jan 28, 2021 07:28 AM