How and Why to Use Videos in the Real Estate Market

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It is generally known that in real estate marketing, videos are essential in marketing. It is almost impossible to do without it in the real estate market. This is not to downplay its alternatives like billboards, signs, newspapers, and sundry, but the fact is that these are gradually becoming competitive and not as fast-selling as videos. Even the video whizzes at hammer say that using video can quickly resonate with your audience, increasing the chances of converting a sale.

Google ads, blogging, and display ads are becoming indisputable when it comes to real estate markets.

Reason You Need Videos in Your Real Estate Markets

The state of the real estate market reveals that in the coming year, 2021, and subsequently, the best marketing technique to reach your prospective audience is your visual competencies. According to Cisco, by 2020, video would amount to about 82% of all hammers on the internet. Several businesses are now adopting the use of video in their marketing, and the number is increasing daily, do you want to be left out? Here are some reasons for these statistics and why you must use visual.

#1. More Clients

The point is that most homeowners, according to the National Association of Realtors, are gladly proposing to identify their homes with agents who make effective use of videos. Clients are more likely to believe you when part of your package is a video that illustrates your clients' willingness.

You may discover that your selling strategy works more effectively than that of your competitors.

In his Real Estate interview, Brian Lewis made a remarkable statement to this effect, “We are in a personality-driven market.”

#2. Higher Chances of Success

Your marketing strategy goes to the core of your audience’s desires when you go visual. Showing your property gives your prospective clients some believability level and provides the nature of information many clients are looking for.  

#3. Visual is More Appealing

This is right, put yourself in the shoes of your audience, you have an option to view content in video or text manner, which would you prefer? Using videos for your contents, is not only appealing to your audience, but help you pass your message better. You tend to connect better with your audience if they see you, hear your words, and are able to connect to your emotions. The modern day copywriting deals more on connecting with the emotions of your audience, and video helps you do so without much stress.

#4. The Real Estate Industry Needs Video

This is absolutely true. The real estate industry needs video to thrive. Which is more appealing to you; seeing pictures and text descriptions of the property you want to purchase, or seeing a video of the property? I think we’ll all agree that video would be the best. Video would give you a real-life feed of the property, and what you should expect. You can see the rooms, toilets and kitchens with their conditions, as well as the amount of spaces.

Using Videos in Your Real Estate Marketing World

There are many available ways to make use of videos in the real estate marketing world. This is the most effective way. People will believe what they see than what they read and hear.

#1. Property Listing Videos

If you desire absolute initial inquiries, make use property listing videos. Clients secretly desire something more realistic than pictures and words. They want what they can see. It seems true when demonstrated in a clip.

#2. Bio Videos

Initially, I quoted the words of the real estate guru, Brian Lewis, who opined that “Real estate market is personality-driven.” When you are dealing with a prospective client, ensure visibility in the relationship. Introduce yourself with a short video bio. By this, you give a unique impression about your business among other marketers.


When clients want to find a reason to trust an agent, give them some that will stand out among other competitors.

#3. Review Videos

This is one of the most excellent strategies used by some prominent real estate agents. Avail of your reviews in a video format. By simply including a brief interview of your client’s opinion in a videos-like format, you will surely gather enough followers. Here are some important questions you should pose to your clients:

●    What do you think about our services?
●    Would you gladly recommend us to your neighbors and family members? 
●    Was the process suitable for you?

How to Create Quality Video Contents

Now that we’ve both agreed that video would help drive more sales for your real estate company, you should also understand that it’s not just any how video(s). While creating contents online, be it video, articles or just pictures, ‘Quality’ should be your priority. You don’t want to waste your time and money running paid ads or sending traffic to your website only to lose them because of poor video content. So, in other words, invest in quality video contents. You can hire a video editor, and put him on a payroll, or outsource to a proven quality video production company and get the job done.Video expert at Spiel warns that the primary focus of every video should be to have a great script that would be appealing to your audience, and would relate with them personally.

One last thing is to always tell your audience what to do next at the end of the video. It is called Call-to-Action. Most people make this mistake, after having topnotch video; they forget to add a call to action, thinking the leads would know what to do next. You should pretend that your audiences are newbie, and you should tell them exactly what to do, and how to do it.


If you want to talk about strategies for real estate marketing, the best suitable is the use of videos. They create tangibility for clients and increase the trust your business needs to blossom. Bear this in mind, when it comes to real estate agencies, trust is crucial. So, as you’re about planning for your 2021 marketing plans, don’t leave video marketing behind, make it a crucial part of your marketing strategy, and watch your growth in sales rise exponentially.


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