Benefits of an Independent Brokerage

Real Estate Sales Representative with Castles Unlimited®

While they aren’t often in the spotlight, independent brokerages account for a large percentage of real estate sales. But starting your own brokerage is not easy, many brokers prefer to open a franchise and pay dues in exchange for support.

However, what many don’t realize is that independent brokers have several unique advantages. The first is individuality. With corporate structures come branding guidelines. Franchise brokers are limited on how they operate, brand, and market themselves. 

Independent brokers have the freedom and flexibility to run their own business, develop their own voice, and grant their agents more autonomy. Independent brokers also have more skin in the game, and therefore want (and need) to ensure you have the best possible experience in order to uphold their reputation. Even if it means working off-the-clock!

Independent brokerages are often more community oriented, which also leads to more in-depth market knowledge. Compare this with franchises that answer to out-of-market (and even out-of-state) franchisors.

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