Wilmington, North Carolina: Number One Destination

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Wilmington, North Carolina, is one of the most desirable cities in the Tar Heel State. However, that desire has now spread far beyond the state’s borders. According to professionals in the real estate industry, Wilmington, NC, is now the most popular area to move to in sheer relocation volume, making Wilmington the most desirable destination in the entire country!

Plenty of prospective homeowners, especially those based out of the Northeast, have seen the advantages that a life down South can bring them. Three examples of desirable traits in moving to places like Southeastern North Carolina are lower taxespristine coastlines, and a blossoming home market with development opportunities. In the past year, COVID-19 has only deepened the desire for thousands of people to leave crowded city areas and move to more open locations. With plenty of space for homes, townhomes, and master-planned communities, greater Wilmington, North Carolina is in everyone’s sights.

These statements are not just conjectured either, they are based on facts. News articles, such as a recent publication on January 6th, 2021, show that Wilmington has now been announced as the number one spot for inbound movers in the entire nation. The president of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce describes Wilmington as already having this strong “work from home” presence pre-COVID. There is a laid-back lifestyle that people are just drawn to here, and we have seen that desire firsthand in our residents here at Brunswick Forest.

Located right outside Wilmington, Brunswick Forest has easy access to beaches and a historic downtown scene historic downtown scene. Major metropolitan areas have experienced major outbound migrations while lower-density cities are experiencing high rates of inbound move-ins. New York City and Newark, New Jersey have experienced a 72% increase in move-outs, while Chicago, Illinois, saw a 69% increase in that same statistic. These three big cities are the top three hot-zones that have seen people relocate. Wilmington, North Carolina has found itself experiencing a 79% increase in inbound traffic. Wilmington has been a place for those looking for a lot of great experiences while still having that “small town” charm to it. There’s a historic Riverwalk, shopping center, fine dining, and even a way to catch a show at one of the oldest theaters in the Southeast.

Homeowners who have scouted for new homes, builders and a master-planned community that suits their lifestyles have found this area satisfying. This satisfaction can be contributed to not just desirable traits of the local area, but also befriending others like themselves whom have relocated for the same reasons. It creates a big enclave of new residents who feel like they not only belong in our area but feel like they have found paradise. For those who have already planned to move here, this revelation has only solidified their plans to be set in motion.

At Brunswick Forest, we have become a standout destination for thousands of move-ins. Our team has seen a lot of people find their dream homes here, and we are always excited to welcome more new faces this year! To speak with us directly you can contact us at 910.297.6776

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