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There are details still to be worked out, and I’m sure we’ll face some hurdles along the way, but this will be the system that you will not want to miss out on. 

At its simplest form, this can be a virtually turn key solution to help you promote your website.  At least initially, all I ask is that you contribute one original article each month. The more you contribute to the group, the more benefits you will receive. Think you’re up to it?  Read on!

Ok, now for the details.  It’s so simple now that I write it out, it’s almost funny!  (I’m sure the fact that I’ve been wandering in circles and typing – no not at the same time – for hours is contributing to the funny factor.)

Articles are contributed to the group by each of the members on various real estate topics.  These can be general real estate topics, mortgage topics, topics covering local attractions, virtually anything that can be tied into real estate or your local area.  

First, I’ll confirm that you have submitted an original article. I will then pair your article with a complimentary website that focuses on your state, region or the article topic.  A simple link will be added to your resource section pointing to the complimentary website. I’ll then use a combination of the paid services listed in my article marketing article along with my own private tools to distribute your article to hundreds of directories.  

Additionally, articles will be promoted and distributed over time to ensure long term link growth. You will receive credit whenever your article is used.  So the more we can get it out there, the more exposure you will receive!  Talk about a virtually never ending source of one way backlinks!

If all that wasn’t enough, your article will also be featured on a growing network of real estate related websites and blogs that I have been working on developing over the past couple years. The huge library of content that we will amass will allow us to do some incredible things!

This is truly a win win for all involved  You help other websites grow by contributing fresh content, complimentary (and more importantly non competing) mortgage companies and real estate focused companies are able to piggy back on your article, and you, as the author receive free distribution and incoming backlinks. 

This program should be so powerful, that I will more than likely end up limiting the amount of people who can sign up based on geographic location.  It just doesn’t make sense to promote fifteen different San Diego real estate agents or five different Ohio mortgage brokers. 

Speaking of backlinks, talk about an incredible resource of ready wiling and able link exchange partners!  Once we get up and running, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to create a script that will automatically allow us all to exchange links.  Talk about on target, relevant links.  These are exactly the kind of links that companies would probably charge you hundreds of dollars to obtain.  High quality, relevant links form websites within your industry. 

At this point, I’d venture to say that almost everything that those who come on board will get from this system could be done on an individual basis. But by working together, we’ll be able to leverage the resources and brain power of virtually hundreds (dare I say thousands!) of other like minded real estate professionals!  

If this get’s as big as I think it will, at some point, there will probably need to be a small fee (no more than a couple hundred bucks a year on the high side) as its going to require some programming that’s beyond my ability, multiple accounts with article distribution companies, and probably a couple of full time helpers to keep everything moving smoothly.  The beautiful part is on your end, the most you will need to do is spend 20 or so minutes a month writing an article!

I’m going to start promoting this on my two non Active Rain blogs as well. However, I’m giving my fellow ARers first shot at signing up as the response that I have received to my Internet Lead Generation series has really given me the energy and drive to make this project happen!   I’m not sure if you realize that power that we have as a group.  Just look at what Active Rain has accomplished over the past few months and imagine channeling that power in a more direct fashion!

I’m ready to get started on this right away.  For the moment, if you are interested in giving this a go, contact me andlet me know what area you’d like to stake your claim to!  I’m going to set up a more formal “sing up” page as well as an exclusive forum soon but please send me an email now so that I can judge what I need to get set up first. 

For now, I have only posted this to my personal blog.  If you know of any other Active Rain members or fellow real estate professionals that you think would be interested in joining our cause, please feel free to direct them over here!

Get ready, this is going to be huge!

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