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Services for Real Estate Pros with GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting offers a personal account and a corporate level. The GoToMeeting Corporate Plan contains a module to manage online organizer accounts, to view the currently active meetings and to generate usage reports.

GoToMeeting allows users to have one of three different functions:

Organizer - Organizers have accounts with GoToMeeting enabling them to scheduling and conducting meetings. The organisers are also hosting the meeting and Presenter initial meeting and they are the ones who can pass the Presenter role than any other assistant. The organizers also have the power to grant or Assistant revoke privileges, and invite attendees or dismiss during a meeting. The organizers can also make other attendees organizers.
- An assistant is any person who attends a meeting of GoToMeeting -- this includes the organizers and presenters. Attendees can be given the right to control the presenter keyboard and mouse, if given the privilege. If allowed, attendees will see and use the service's chat and text Assistant see the list.
Presenter - A presenter is any assistant who is giving a presentation and actions of their computer screen with everyone else. Whoever starts Default meeting is also the first meeting Organizer. Those assigned with the role of presenter can determine who gets to control the keyboard and the mouse away from the presenter screen displayed.

GoToMeeting is generally an excellent product offering in its entirety so that claims to offer, while improving significantly to its direct competitors tenders.


Download The Free Version of GoToMeeting here.

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