Avoid Moving Mayhem: 5 Costly Mistakes That Sour Your Relocation

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When you find yourself up to your neck in bursting cardboard boxes and masking tape, opportunities to simmer in pre-move excitement are limited. Of course, the promise of brand-new (and sparkling clean) living spaces is appealing in more ways than one, but the stress of radical changes in your environment and strain on your wallet can have any homeowner dreading the process. 


From days spent packing to nights spent worrying about how you’ll manage item transportation, you’ve got a lot on your mind when planning a move. Most moving checklists include dozens of tasks ranging from researching moving services and reserving storage units to selecting an auto transport provider and forwarding your mail. Your to-do list may feel daunting, especially when you find yourself neck-deep in a sea of calendar notifications, post-it notes, and scrap paper decorated with chicken-scratch-like reminders. 


The common denominator between each sticky note and posted fridge reminder is a deep understanding of the importance of planning each step of your relocation journey. While the thought of throwing in the towel and procrastinating deep-cleaning tasks can tempt any overworked homeowner, steering clear of these pre-move slip-ups will pay off in the long-run. 


Furthermore, avoiding falling prey to moving misconceptions is critical. It may be easy to believe that doing it all by yourself is cheapest, that all moving companies are created equal, or even that any cardboard box will do, but it simply isn’t true. To have a pleasant moving experience, be sure to complete the proper research and evade these common (and equally costly) mistakes. 

Not doing your due diligence when hiring an auto transportation provider 

While transporting the belongings that live in your house is a sizable chore, getting your hot wheels where they need to go can become an even bigger one. Making errors when hiring an auto transportation provider can intensify any stress-induced headache of your move. 


Common mistakes made by those in the market for a car shipping service include hastily signing a contract with the first company they find or acting on the referral of a friend who ultimately had different transportation needs than you will. Be sure to do plenty of research to ensure that the auto transport provider you select meets your specific needs and uses discretion when placing deposits. Note that select auto transportation providers require deposits to protect themselves from recourse after providing frequently unsatisfactory services. 


That said, don’t forget to request a Bill of Lading, a legal document that protects your rights as a customer. Are you hoping to avert car-shipping-related disasters that can wreak havoc on your wallet? Know that enlisting a reliable and trustworthy transportation services provider like Guardian Auto Transport is possible if you’re willing to do your homework. 

You try to go it alone 

While an independent attitude will set you up for success in most contexts, attempting to tackle a cross-country move without assistance can be a recipe for disaster. While hiring professional movers requires a financial investment, feelings of confidence that your fragile items aren’t in peril make professionally-trained movers an invaluable addition to your relocation budget. 


Rather than overestimating your capabilities, be realistic about how much time you have, how much you can lift, and the sheer magnitude of the project at hand. 

You wait until the last minute 

If you’re notorious for doing your taxes the day before they’re due, turning in assignments at 11:59 p.m., and uttering the infamous “I’ve got plenty of time…” before spiraling into a panic about the fact that you have very little time at all, prepare for a turbulent moving process. 


Procrastinating time-sensitive tasks like packing, hiring a moving company, or cleaning can leave you scrambling. Prioritize getting a head-start by separating your to-do list into bite-sized projects that you can complete in advance of your move-in date. 

You drop the ball on insurance coverage

The ball isn’t the only thing that’s bound to drop during a move. Whether the moving company is responsible for a box of delicate china crashing to the ground, or the leg of a couch scratching your freshly-painted walls, you’ll be stuck with the bill if the moving company you hire doesn’t have comprehensive insurance. 


With this moving mayhem in mind, conduct research on your homeowners’ insurance and moving company insurance so that you can be sure of what’s covered before moving forward. If you don’t feel comfortable with their coverage level, you may consider moving fragile valuables yourself. 

You don’t make the proper accommodations for your loved ones (human kids, fur babies, and plant children alike) 

Amongst the hustle and bustle of packing up a home, it can be easy to forget that you have some living things to transport, as well. If your pet will be traveling during the move, pay your vet a visit and ask about recommended anxiety/motion-sickness medications, travel kennels, and how to help them feel at home after the transition. If you plan to move precious plants, verify that you’re legally allowed to cart them over state lines. Additionally, rehome your monsters and snake plants in durable pots before relocating. 


While moving is exhausting and stressful for adults, a significant change of scenery can be even more anxiety-inducing for children. Set yourself up for success by talking with your kids about the move well in advance, providing them with entertainment options to keep them occupied on move-in day. To keep moving meltdowns to a minimum, offering them personal or professional support can help your little ones cope with post-move anxiety. 

Wrap up

Once you’re sure you’ve avoided moving mayhem by dodging some costly mistakes, it’s time to get a move on. 

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