7 Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

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The holidays are a season when people put up their festive decorations and light up their homes for the celebrations.

As this practice is an annual one, it is quite understandable that the decorations might become repetitive and boring.

Using the same sets of decorations in the same manner year after year can get tiring quickly. However, there are various ways you can infuse new systems into your decor this year, which can totally change or, at the very least, elevate the look of your holiday decorations.

Whether you plan to deck the whole of your house, including the exterior in a full-on nativity scene, or you want a minimalist and straightforward form of decor, here are seven ways you can decorate your home for the holidays.

Use String Lights

String lights are the household staple when it comes to holiday decorations. The many twinkling lights look lovely and whimsical regardless of whatever element they are wrapped around.

With the development of lights that do not require a light source to work, there is no limit to the areas where you can place your lights.

Surround your tree with these lights, hang them from the ceiling and drape them around your fireplace.

Outside, your trees, shrubs, and plants can all be lit up with as many string lights as you want.

Light Candles

Candles provide a soothing ambience and allow you to enjoy a relaxing moment. Their soft, flickering flames can serve as the perfect background to the new memories that your family is creating during the holidays.

Get candles with colours and scents that match your holiday theme and light them in strategic areas around your home.

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You can use pillar candle holders to serve as a base for the candles, which you can place on your dining table, coffee table, or mantel. The holder catches all wax spills and creates a safe and secure base for your candles.

The shine and lustre of the usual holiday ornaments have always been a fantastic addition to

Use Homemade Ornament Our.

While these ornaments make beautiful decorations, using handcrafted decorations can make a significant difference.

Gather your family, make it a project, design and create pieces that have meaningful significance to your family.

Depending on how many you make, you can deck the whole tree with your homemade ornaments or hang them among the traditional pieces.

Deck the Shelves

The most popular places where people place their decorations are trees, mantel, banisters, and doors.

While you can achieve a spectacular display using just these areas, there is nothing wrong with extending your decorations to other areas in your home.

Your kitchen counters, living room shelves, and bookcases can also be included in the festive look.

Hang wreaths, ribbons, and holly or place bowls filled with ornaments on these areas in a simple design.  

Hang Streamers and Bunting

There is no number of decorations that are classified as too much or too little when it comes to holiday decorations.

This means you can make your display as flashy or as simple as you wish. For a simple, minimalist decor, hang buntings in greens, reds, golds, or metallic colours on the ceiling or from wall to wall. Streamers in all sizes and colours can be wrapped around trees, furniture, or shelves.  

Use Plants

Apart from the big tree that is the holiday centrepiece, you can use other plants as festive decorations.

You can use garlands in your windows, around your picture frames, or above your mirrors. Trail plants along your windowsills and add them to your shelves.

Fashion a green table runner from plants for your dining and centre table. Hang string lights, crystals, and ornaments on potted plants and trees.

Change Some Fabrics

Try changing the fabric of some decor pieces to reflect your chosen holiday theme. Pillowcases and throws can feature festive designs, patterns, and colours.

You can replace your towels, aprons, and mitts with more festive options. Doormats and tablemats can also be used as part of your holiday decorations.

All the items in your home can be transformed to reflect the season if they match your decor theme.


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