Saint Louis MO: It's Tax Time. Unfiled returns? Now the Time.

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I represent tax payers in the Greater Saint Louis area and the State of Missouri that have outstanding tax issues whether they are unfiled returns, back taxes and wage garnishments.

Indications from IRS personel are that due to realignment within the IRS there is going to be special emphazise in pursuing over 9 million taxpayers who have not filed there taxes. No doubt the pandemic hasn't helped however that will not be an excuse not to have filed prior to the Covid 19 crises.

Many individuals and organizations feel by not filing they won't be found out about. Years ago there was some truth to that because of technology. Today with artificial intelligence the IRS is taking advanage of updated in house programs like the matching program where 1099's and W2 are reported each year. Just today alone I have had two clients call me because of letter they recieved regarding non filing. The threat of a levy or a lien does motiviate people to get into compliance.Usually after about ten months the IRS will determine whether the tax payer has filed after the return was due, including any granted extensions.

What is compliance.?  

1. The last six years have to have been filed.

2. Proper quarterly tax payments have to been made..

If you haven't filed the inquiry letters will begin. If no response expect IRS collections to pick up the pace.

What to expect. There are a couple of things that can occur.

* IRS files the return for you showing gross income with no deductions.

* IRS can start an audit or tax delinquency investigation to secure the returns.

Having a checklist provided by a tax professional to prepare your return can elimiate a lot of head aches.

If you or someone you know in St. Louis or anywhere are having IRS past due tax returns or being threatend with a tax levy or lien please feel free to have them contact me at steveshapiroea@ or call at 636-397-2759 or text at 636-866-4554.

Enrolled agents are federal tax practioners and are licensed by the Treasury Department.

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Will Hamm
Hamm Homes - Aurora, CO
"Where There's a Will, There's a Way!"

Hello Steve, My housecleaner was just telling me she needs to file for the last two years.


Feb 13, 2021 08:03 AM