How Do You Know Your Manifestation Is Coming?

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How To Tell Your Manifestation Is On The Way


If you've been using the law of attraction to manifest your dreams, you may have one question. 

How do you know if your manifestation is coming? 

Today I want to share some of the signs that your manifestation is close.


1. Angel Numbers: Angel numbers are repeating sequences of numbers that serve as messages to let you know your manifestation is close. If you see 11:11 on the clock multiple times a week, for example, you can assume your manifestation is coming.


2. Feathers As Manifestation Signs: If you're walking down the street and a feather gently falls on your shoulder, it could be a sign that your manifestation is coming. Different color feathers have different meanings for the law of attraction. A common color is white -- less common is purple. 

3. Spontaneous Intuitive "Hits": Finally, if you get random, seemingly unrelated intuitive nudges that spark action, you should pay attention! This is a certain sign your manifestation is on its way. For example, if you want to manifest weight loss and you randomly in the middle of the day feel an urge to call a friend... you call them and they tell you about a new fitness program they started and it sounds interesting. That could be a sign that inspires you to take the action to achieve your goal. 

I hope these tips help you figure out if your manifestation is on its way! 

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Happy manifesting! 

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