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Don't Leave $40,000 on the Table 

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Let’s go over some math on a recent estate sale where our client’s net was drastically increased by not settling for a cash offer. In an estate sale, it’s common that you may have people interested in buying the home for cash to save you the hassle of listing. In this case, there was a $230,000 offer on the table, which would net our client $225,000. Thankfully, they said no. 

More details on the Bloomington home mentioned in this article.

Our team had planned on listing at $250,000, but ultimately decided on $260,000 due to the interest in this property. 100 showing requests flooded in within hours of it hitting the market. Then, within 24 hours of being on the market we had an offer in hand for $285,000, which is 10% above asking price. Our client nets $265,000 after paying the listing commission, which is $40,000 more than the original cash offer that promised to save them on fees.  


Again, don’t leave $40,000 on the table. Call us and we’ll not only get your home SOLD By Friday, but we’ll most likely have you walking away with more money in your pocket.


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