Returning War Vets

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No matter how you feel about the war in the Mid East please take the time to thank our returning men and women when you have the chance. They are the crown jewels of our country doing what they have been asked to do.We can live our daily lives without fear because of them.

I also think that while we make Iraqui peoples lives more secure as well we are still being held hostage with their oil. This is only a suggestion but I think we should charge $ 130 per bushel for the corn we ship to them. This would level the playing field and reduce the costs on the American people. As the price of oil rises so should the price of the grain we ship them. If need be we could form a GRAIN Carlel and meet every so often to do a little price fixing a.k.a. the oil cartel.

I do think this would work for all Americans.

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David Ratliff

I like the way you think, Darr. 

I would like to see Iraq provide the US with below market price oil to offset the trillions we are spending providing stability to their new democracy.  I realize the EU and rest of the world would balk at this, and there's no chance Obama would take this step, but it makes sense.  If the Iraqis didn't like the plan, they would be motivated to take charge of their own security, and get us the hell out of there!


Dec 03, 2008 09:05 AM