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Do I Need a Military Relocation Professional?

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Yes. You may need a Military Relocation Professional for many reasons: 


  • To understand the different procedures included in military relocation.
  • To understand how the procedures affect relocation choices and services.
  • To receive information in decision-making processes about renting, buying, or selling.
  • To identify opportunities that help you find, sell, and buy housings.
  • To understand the new market schemes.
  • To understand the basic VA financings needed for the military relocation process.
  • To know the different services and real estate transactions. 


Let us go through the details about what military moving to Corpus Christi TX is about and why you need it.


What is a Corpus Christi TX Military Relocation Professional? 


MRP or Military Relocation Professional is a real-estate certification. The National Association of Realtors provides this certificate to real estate agents. This is a special course certification. It is for the realtors who want to work with the former as well as current military service members. The Elizabeth Straessle Real Estate Agent is uniquely qualified.  We offer the best real estate services needed by military professionals. This is someone who acknowledges the specifications involved in military relocation.


PCS Move to Corpus Christi TX is an important and benevolent real estate business. The interest lies in helping current and retired veteran members shift to new homes. The MRP course ensures two things:


1. The certified real estate agents work with military personnel. 


2. They must understand the different aspects of service. These should relate to members and veterans of the US.


Elizabeth Straessle Military Relocation Specialist- Elizabeth Straessle knows all the special requirements that military families need to relocate to Corpus Christi TX.


Why should I opt for a Military Relocation Professional? 


Choosing  MRPs  can have various reasons  and we have listed each one of them below:


1. Understands the military language.


There are so many military acronyms that a regular realtor fails to understand. Codes like PCS, RAP, and BAH are important. These are commonly spoken by both active and retired duty service members. These particular sets of protocols come in handy, especially during moving. MRPs know and understand these acronyms. Even more importantly, they acknowledge how these acronyms affect moving decisions. 


2. Assists in difficult decisions and stringent deadlines.


PCS Move to Corpus Christi TX  runs quite well. There is enough apprehension for PCS-in active and retired military members. They want the procedure to be fast-paced. Looking for a house isn't enough. You have to sign sales contracts and negotiate pricing terms. At times, these must get done during the weekend. Time is gold and nobody understands it better than an MRP.


3. Helps with VA financing.


The VA loan lets veterans gain 103.3% financing without any PMI (Private Mortgage Interest). It also allows a 20% 2nd mortgage as well as up to $6000 for energy-efficient developments. The US Department of Veterans Affairs backs the relocation.  Hence, it helps military professionals benefit the best financial prices. MRP scrutinizes these benefits thoroughly. They also introduce you to expert VA lenders.


4. Pre-plans everything.


For others, the process of movement ends at shifting to a new home. But an MRP thinks ahead. The job isn't done when you get homes for Sale near NAS Corpus Christi. The next step is to think of convenient ways to sell your previous home. This includes house sales and converting into rental properties. The MRPs expertly sort all such queries. 


Military moving to Corpus Christi TX- If you would like to make the transfer smoother, easier and less stressful, working with a Military Relocation Specialist is one of the best things you can do.


5. Introduces to the current flow of the market.


Market trends and flows keep fluctuating. Hence, it can be tough to pinpoint the fluctuations for most people. Military homeowners and homebuyers are in particular unaware of it. MRPs come as a huge relief here. They understand the market stats. So, they can walk military personnel and veterans through it.


6. Has better knowledge of benefits.


There is much to know about the whole process of home buying. Additionally, veterans and military personnel can avail of countless benefits. A knowledgeable MRP is surely going to have a grasp on all the benefits that come with housing. Hence, they make sure that the clients receive the best of it. 


7. Adjusts and appreciates unique requirements.


The military moving to Corpus Christi TX also includes some specific needs. Resonating with demands is really important. There are times when military personnel and veterans have unique requirements. As a dedicated MRA, these requirements are never ignored. In fact, MRPs appreciate these specifications.  They give a much better idea of the kind of house that would make the clients happy.


8. Assists thoroughly through the process and beyond.


Are you buying homes for sale near NAS Kingsville or anywhere else? It can be a complicated process that involves many steps. But, MRP realtors will walk with you from the beginning until the end of the process. They will also assist you in case you need help afterward. You can always rely on MRP realtors. They are always ready to provide the best services whenever you need them.


Elizabeth Straessle Real Estate Agent- Elizabeth Straessle has the education and experience in working with U.S. service members and their families and veterans.


What to expect from Corpus Christi TX Military Relocations? 


You might ask why Elizabeth Straessle Best Real Estate Agent is the ideal MRP to seek. Take a look at each of these reasons:


1. Exclusive search for a location.


Elizabeth Straessle Real Estate Agent is an efficient MRP in Corpus Christi TX. We understand how important location can be. We use advanced technology like Google Earth. It helps us to research, learn, and view the areas of different parts of the country. This gives us an idea about the different nuances of the country where our clients work.  


2. We keep you above else.


Elizabeth Straessle Best Real Estate Agent ensures that your interests remain protected first. We understand how important it is to preserve the trust of our clients. Our long-term perspective keeps you from any future hassle.  Also, it gained us more referrals in the military community and beyond.


3. We value your career-path.


We appreciate the time, effort, and dedication with which you built your career path. We want your relocation to be as hassle-free as possible. Your homes near Corpus Christi TX must be the best. We guarantee our training and certification as Military Relocation Professionals. We assist you by giving the best kinds of support as you walk into a new dawn in your new life.


4. We value your time.


Elizabeth Straessle Military Relocation Specialist is hardworking. We fully understand that military personnel or veterans have tight schedules. There are specific requirements that we can't avoid. So, we plan the relocation keeping in mind all these things. Our goal is to make the process more convenient and less stressful. 


Our research is thorough. We rely on and encourage the different specifications placed by the clients. Hence, we make sure that you get the best of everything when it comes to relocating to a new home.


Bottom Line


We are proud of being certified Military Relocation Professionals. Our current and former military members deserve the best relocation services. We are honored to help them.


For more information, please  contact: 

Elizabeth Straessle, 361-444-3908

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Elizabeth, those in the military would highly benefit by using your services.

Feb 15, 2021 08:51 AM
Elizabeth Straessle, MRP

Thank you! Have a great day! 

Apr 11, 2021 09:38 PM
Dan Hopper
Dan Hopper - Gold Way RE - Westminster, CO
Colorado Broker / Referral Services

Great breakdown of what is important for our miitary folks ... active or non-active Vets will benefit with your expertise and knowledge... thank you, !

Feb 15, 2021 03:05 PM
Elizabeth Straessle, MRP

Glad that you like my post. Have a good one! 

Apr 11, 2021 09:37 PM