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A Realtor's Quest to Building Trust on the Internet

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The internet is full of opportunity, especially for us real estate agents. We can now reach buyers and sellers at scale, which is a beautiful thing. 

But the challenge is that everyone is doing it. How do we set ourselves apart? And more importantly, how do we build trust? 

This is the key, and it takes effort. And more importantly than the work that goes into it, is the strategy that we employ. 

I have been using video marketing as a way to fill in the gaps that buyers and sellers need to make good decisions. 

Winning on the internet starts with breaking down barriers. Building trust is the goal, and the only way I know to do this is to try and strip out all of the fluff that people think we agents are made of, and jjust be helpful. 

If you are considering this plan, then look at your market and ask yourself... "what can I provide that is not already there?" - or "How can I help people from a distance?"

I started this back in 2008, when I met one of the recruiters for Boeing. They were planning to build their new Dreamliner in Charleston, and this is when I started to make videos. And the best vides are the ones that are evergreen. They just keep bringing value, and keep showcasing who I am as a person. 

This, I have found, breaks down the barriers that are so important to break through when building relationships on the web.  

Below is a video showcasing a video tour of Johns Island that I just uplaoded a few minutes ago. Johns Island is a rural area near Charleston, SC. I would love your input to see if you think this approach will work in your market. 



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