Happy House Hunting: The Top Housing Markets This 2021

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Whether it's commercial or residential, real estate is all about location. A dream house in a dream location. Who wouldn’t want that?! The big question for you is, where is the best location for your new home?


Well, the best locations are actually everywhere. There is no one single best place to invest in residential real estate. Here are some of the best cities that you can explore this 2021, and realtor.com amazing forecasts. 

1. Sacramento, California

The top spot belongs to the wonderful city of Sacramento, California. Sacramento is known as California's hipster city with an emerging contemporary culture. The average house cost is $554,000 and is expected to increase by about 7.4% this year.

2. San Jose, California

Silicon Valley is home to technology giants like Facebook, Apple, and Google. This fact makes it the best option, most especially for those who want to work in the tech industry. According to realtor.com, the median home price of $1,199,050 in San Jose may increase by up to 10.8% in the next year. 

3. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is considered one of the top financial hubs in the United States. Also, it is home to several reputable schools and popular restaurants. The average home price for this city is $368,820 and is expected to increase by around 5.2% in 12 months.  

4. Boise, Idaho

Boise is one of the best places for people of all ages, most especially millennials. The bustling city has gained so much popularity because of its growing tech scene, low cost of living, easy access to nature, and lots of metropolitan amenities. The average home price is $445,000. This amount may increase by 9.1% this year. 


5. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the place to be for passionate tech professionals who want to be closer to nature. Lush, evergreen forests and mountains are everywhere. The average price for a Seattle residence is $629,050. Realtor.com says that this may increase by 9.7% this 2021.

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