Smart Data and Predictive Analytics: The Secret Behind Top-Performing Realtors

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Smart data and predictive analytics is the bedrock of modern technology. Their relevance is felt in almost all spheres, including AI, health, human resource, metrology, etc. Another significant entrance in the long list is the real-estate industry.  

Realtors employ this technology to know who is likely to sell or buy a property. Could it be the secret behind top-performing firms and agents? Read on to find out that and more. 


What is Predictive Analytics? 

Predictive or advanced analytics is a technique that uses historical and real-time data to predict future events. For the realty industry, it provides info about the likelihood of a house being bought or sold. It also gives insight into who the likely buyers and sellers are. 

The technology proves its worth in the industry as it helps in lead generation and targeted advertising. More details on its benefits are available in the next block. Stay tuned. 


Why Use Predictive Analytics? 

The rewards are numerous. 

It makes buying and selling of properties much easier. It also ensures an effective and cheaper marketing process. Likewise, it gives brokers a smooth experience when listing leads. 

Other standout benefits are: 


Effort-Free Lead Generation 

Realtors get necessary insights into the prospects' preferences long before they consult an estate agency with advanced analytics tools. It empowers them to focus their ads on people who are guaranteed to close a deal in the next few weeks. 

Unlike traditional methods, this entire process is extremely easy and highly accurate. 


Better Real-Estate Marketing 

Property vending has experienced a whole new dimension owing to the introduction of predictive analytics software. Since the tools provide a list of likely customers, firms run their ads directly to prospects. That makes the process cost-effective and more highly productive. 


Smart Property Valuation 

Here, the technology provides brokers with the present and future value of properties. Also, it gives info about how much a renovation may impact the building's worth. 

Armed with this vital information, brokers can make quality recommendations to customers. Likewise, they can adequately advise sellers on necessary upgrades that will get them a bigger sale. 


Effective Buyers-to-Properties Matching 

This innovation makes brokers the perfect piece connecting customers to their dream houses. Many people have preferences like house type, size, location, etc. Smart data filters all these conditions, and it helps agents to offer the best match within minutes. 


How to Get Started With Predictive Analytics 

Embracing this smart model is a big leap forward. Truly, kicking-off is no hurdle at all. Realtors can easily begin by following the tips provided below. 


Use A Quality Software 

One benefit of forecasting is that realtors can rely on the dataset to make decisions. To get the most accurate analysis, they should use trusted and top-notch tools like Offrs and SmartZip.  

This software offers various services that help agents with listing leads, locating properties and customers. 


Collect Relevant Information 

In the quest for listings and closing sales, various factors are considered to meet clients' tastes. Some of them include the home's exterior and interior, location, job opportunities, crime, etc. This technology helps to find the choice that most appeals to customers. 


Understand the Limits 

Forecasting analysis has its boundaries, and individuals must know that. It offers predictions of events and not a certainty. So, every decision should be based on a combination of elements. Some of such factors include analysis results, personal judgment, the impact of choice, etc. 


How to Get More Leads in 2021? 

To be successful, brokers need to employ various strategies for closing deals. Here are some tips on how to get real-estate leads in 2021. 


  • Target inherited homes and distressed properties. 
  • Organize free workshops and consultations. 
  • Build partnerships with other relevant stakeholders, e.g., insurance companies, investors, estate developers, etc. 
  • Agents should advertise their services to gain popularity. 
  • Develop a niche in a particular segment of real-estate, e.g., land, luxury home, student rentals, etc. 


How Much Does Advanced Analytics Cost? 

The price varies from one software to another. On average, it costs between $250 to $500 monthly. Whatever choice individuals make, quality should remain a top priority. 


On a Final Note 

There's no doubt. Advanced analytics has drastically changed the landscape of the real estate industry. Realtors are embracing it to work smarter and achieve better results. More so, its relevance and application in the realty industry are growing rapidly. Surely, now is the time to tag along and emulate other successful Brokers. 

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