How to Clear a Drain Clog Easily

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Multiple companies specialize in cleaning drains and plumbing along with providing services for them. The services can be acquired by both residential and commercial property owners. The services can be of many types such as general clicking, inspections of lines through video, pipe locations, water jetting, sewer lining repairs, and a lot more. People who are in need of drain maintenance must hire drain cleaners in order to stay free from leaks and damages.

Different Services

Good companies offer the complete-services when it comes to plumbing and it applies to both commercial and residential properties. Services usually include installations of products like toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, and any sort of equipment required in bathrooms.

Other services include taking care of clogged drains. Companies hire staff that is in charge of clearing waste and fixing pipes. Without doing this, people will have to spend a lot of money making up for property damage. People should seek companies that include different services such as video inspection, pipe location, drain repairs, and water jetting.

Additionally, people should consult companies that have a license and that are certified. This will imply that they have all the means and equipment to deal with the different types of water and line repairs along with replacements. Good companies provide a broad range of repair services such as sinks and shower repairs. Moreover, people should look for companies that offer great quality, reasonable rates, and good workmanship.

Sewer Line Replacement

There are many projects that have been involving replacing sewer lines and repairing. Once again, people should refer to companies that are licensed in the area making them more reliable since the job can be complicated. Good companies have all the required implements to run these operations and to repair and replace sewerage lines.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Cleaning Drains Chemically

People should consider the different advantages and disadvantages before acquiring a chemical drain cleaning service.

Drain cleaning can be done effortlessly and the procedure is easy compared to hydro-jetting. People carrying out the cleaning don’t require any particular skills and it’s as simple as pouring liquid through the drain.

Clogs can be cleared rapidly in roughly 10 to 15 minutes after pouring the liquid down the drain. The process is not that expensive and can be done conveniently. A normal container of drain clear costs around 10 dollars, which is favourable compared to hiring plumbers or purchasing equipment.

However, chemical cleaning sometimes can’t get rid of all types of clogs. The liquid works well with clogs involving hair and food, but it is not suited for clogs that build up by hard objects and materials. Another major disadvantage is that this type of drain cleaning does not work with toilets. Since the liquid weighs more than water, it sinks to the bottom of the bowl and can’t travel to the clog.

Furthermore, chemical cleaners have proved to cause toxic fumes and burning. The drain cleaners get rid of clogs by producing chemical reactions with clogs and dissolving the substances. The chemical nature can affect people and their bodies with misuse and accidental splashes.

Lastly, if the chemical cleaner is used repeatedly, it can cause more clogs instead of eliminating them. A remainder substance is formed every time a person uses the liquid, and it can pile up in the pipes as grease does.

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