Adopting a Time-Is-Money Approach: 5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Boost Productivity

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Performing a one-person circus act while juggling marketing campaigns, on-location showings, scheduled inspections, and an inbox jam-packed with client inquiries? While seasoned agents have grown accustomed to these hectic workdays, budding real estate moguls may struggle to find their footing when charging through daily appointments. For those tackling days brimming with back-to-back showings, remember, refined time management skills are a successful real estate agent’s best-kept secret. 


Without a productivity-centric mindset, real estate agents can expect to trail behind their competition and watch big-ticket properties slip through the cracks of their chaotic calendars. To maximize time spent on the clock and implement a zero-tolerance policy for missed opportunities, an agent will need to strategically arrange their schedules—whether their days consist of property showings, contract reviews, or client counseling sessions. 


Additionally, an agent hoping to boost productivity must steer-clear of sale-jeopardizing time-wasters like funneling time and resources into social media platforms with less-than-stellar ROIs and adopting a more-the-merrier approach to client relationships. 


Ready to refine your time-management skills and strike time-wasters from your day-to-day routine? If so, consider the tips below, and you’ll be well on your way to leading a zero-time-waste work life. 

Consider a virtual office

Effectively managing your time requires detail-oriented organization habits that can take years to pin-down. However, with the help of a virtual office, you’ll be ready to dive-into multiple showing and face-to-face client meetings per day. A virtual office can aid your efforts by equipping you with remote assistants and phone services, allowing you to speed through your daily tasks without worrying about missed responsibilities or calls. 

Stay organized

Without the structure a typical 9-5 employs, some agents struggle to keep organized and stay on task. To keep your wits about you and nail every deadline, keep a detailed planner or utilize high-functioning online organizational platforms to manage your busy schedule and long to-do list. Developing a well-oiled business shows customers they can trust you with their time and money. Watch clients flock to your business as you build up your reputation through streamlined organizational efforts. 

Take short breaks

When working long hours, taking consistent small breaks is critical in evading burnout and distraction. Attempting to push through ten-hour workdays can lead to job resentment and exhaustion if you’re ignoring much-needed break periods. To remain focused and resilient, pencil in various five-to-ten-minute slots where you can stretch, have a snack, or re-focus your mind and come back feeling energized and ready for action. 

Identify your most productive hours

Everyone is productive at varying times throughout the workday. Luckily, real estate agents have flexible, personalized schedules allowing them to maximize their time and productive hours.  When working throughout the day, get curious about which periods you’re experiencing heightened creativity and motivation to yield high-productivity results. 

Set realistic goals

Setting goals as a real estate agent is vital to staying on task and tracking your progress. Creating daily to-do lists with achievable items intermingled with larger objectives will leave you feeling accomplished by the end of the day. Plus, you’ll have verifiable proof to monitor project progression and deadlines. 

The bottom line

Working real estate is no walk in the park. Many fresh-faced agents feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and in-over-their heads as they navigate a sea of tasks, deadlines, and client meetings. However, by practicing healthy time management skills and finding your productivity sweet spot, you can outrun the competition without burning out. 

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Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
Real Estate Broker - Retired

Good morning. Time is indeed money and like n=money should not be wasted. Great tips to ponder. Enjoy your day.

Feb 20, 2021 06:11 AM