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Reaching Your Potential

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Many of us go through life unfulfilled, feeling like we have failed to reach our full potential. But surely we can change our lives at any age. So why are we missing the mark and how do we start to turn things around?


Some of us just drift along in life, failing to take responsibility for our own success. It's important to have clarity around our life and career goals. The problem with most people is their mindset, it's negative and limiting. We can start making money as teenagers – even at this young age, we have the potential to apply our skills, set goals, and make things happen, with a growth mindset we start to believe anything is possible, and the earlier we learn this lesson the better.


We gain experience with every challenge we undertake. This is the way we begin to build the self-belief that we can determine the outcomes we want in life. It's all about how we consider and approach problems. All successful people have enormous self-belief. They know they have something to contribute and they are determined to make their mark.


We build confidence initially through completing small but specific goals. Then over time as we increase our competence, any obstacles can be seen as fuel to achieving more complex goals under more difficult circumstances.  There is no time to dwell on failure, it's just a learning opportunity. Accepting our mistakes will just take us closer to our goal more efficiently.


Any Excuse


It's easy to get distracted and even to start putting our energy into achieving the wrong goals. We can become passionate about a cause or intently focused on the day-to-day stuff. Our time can become consumed unproductively and we fail to prioritize high-value goals. But by developing the necessary discipline, we can begin to push the boundaries and reap the rewards from our effort. It's easy and natural to settle into a rut, but it's important to move out of our comfort zones and take on new challenges.


Does having too much knowledge prevent us from reaching our full potential? Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs happen when we stop overanalyzing. At times when we have too much information, we become overwhelmed. Our decision-making process becomes stunted and we become debilitated. If we stop overthinking everything so much, we may come to realize we probably already know the answer.


Learn From Others


Surrounding ourselves with supportive, like-minded people can be the key to success. It's vital to network and seeks out mentors to help us reach our potential. The support of others can make us feel braver. We need to believe in ourselves and what we are doing and people will believe in us.


Being able to invest meaningful time and energy in any relationship contributes to healthy achievement and growth. People who are more socially connected are often happier, physically healthier, and enjoy higher self-esteem, which is an important part of motivation and success. Holding a realistic yet positive view of ourselves can help us to reach our goals. With a positive attitude, we begin to believe we can accomplish anything.


The road to fulfillment can be a long one. Those without patience wanting to see immediate results, can be disappointed and give up too easily. Being calmer we're able to keep persisting when it's difficult, we are able to identify when to act and when not to. Our threshold for tolerance increases, which gives us the foresight to expect setbacks on our path to success. Not only can a greater sense of satisfaction be reached by the patient achievers but this undervalued quality is essential to daily life – and might just be the key to a happy one.

Bob Crane
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Hi Shehnaaz,  Thanks for sharing your insights on how to reach our full potential.  Valuable information that will benefit many.

Feb 20, 2021 05:35 PM
Richard Weeks
Dallas, TX
REALTOR®, Broker

Great information, thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great day.

Feb 21, 2021 02:41 AM