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If you have never bought window replacements before, the first time is certainly stressful. After all, window shopping is not something homeowners do every day. But these critical parts of your home are responsible for a significant portion of your home's energy efficiency. Buying the wrong types or improper installation can add 25 percent or more to your energy bills.


So, where do you go to find the right window replacements? How do you know you have found a good window company? Also, what are the key points to consider when making a buying decision? We provide answers to all of these questions below, thanks to the helpful insights of the pros at windows-west.ca.


What is important in a replacement window company?

Your replacement windows are a significant investment in your home. They play an equally important role in your safety and comfort. To find an attractive, lasting and well-performing product, you cannot jump at the lowest price. You need value for your money, but also a good return on this investment.


To start, research your local area's window replacement companies. Find name brands you recognize, those developed by people who live and work in your area. A big national brand is not necessarily always best. Ideally, the locals you find should have been in business for several years and have positive reviews online.


Next, look at the products offered by this company. Are they manufacturing their products themselves? Or, are they only installing other companies' offerings? Where do the window replacements come from? Your best bet is a replacement company that makes its own products and backs them up with great warranties. You need your replacements to last and keep energy costs low, thereby providing that important return on your investment.


How to Compare Window-to-Window

When looking at your replacement window options, there are some key signs of a great product and installation service. Look for the key signs, below:



When looking for a company you can trust, start by asking them how long they have been in business. Check out their website and Google for customer reviews. Also ask them for several references from recent customers. When you check references, ensure the jobs were recent and not five, 10 or more years ago.



Going with the lowest cost is not necessarily a great idea, when it comes to window replacements. Your windows are a major investment, one that needs to last for years. Bargains typically equate to lower quality.



You cannot sacrifice proper installation. Your window replacements will not perform as they should if improperly installed. Ensure the company's installers are well-trained, experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy. The whole process should be stress-free.


Industry Certifications

To know whether you can trust a window replacement company, you need proof of their integrity and professionalism. This proof typically starts with their accreditations and certifications. Look for product certification labels from ENERGY STAR, CSA Group or other qualified bodies.



A guaranteed warranty is an important part of any window purchase and installation. Check the fine print to know who is responsible for problems and how to have issues resolves, should such problems arise.


Key Points to Consider When Buying Window Replacements

When buying window replacements, you need to decide which type of windows will best suit your home, energy needs and budget. Most companies offer one specific type, such as vinyl, vinyl-clad aluminum or wood. This makes it important to know what you need, before spending time with the wrong type of company.


The field of window manufacturers is vast. The same is true about the long list of available products. But to find the right ones for you, you need to pay attention to key points of the window selection. These points include:

  • Style and appearance

  • Energy efficiency

  • Water penetration

  • Air infiltration

  • Design and detail

  • Structural grade

If you take all of the above information into consideration when window shopping, you will surely find the right product, installer and results for your home.

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