Safety Precautions When Working With Electricity

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Safety precautions while using electrical appliances are vitally important in the household, commercial, light industrial, and industrial environments. To avoid compromise of safety in any way, some ground rules must be followed while working with electricity.

The Basic Rules to Follow
● The first and foremost rule that applies to all environments with active electric equipment is to check the equipment and repair damaged or faulty equipment immediately. The Electrical lab is the best place to get solutions for the safety and maintenance of electrical products. These labs provide services that help detect, analyze, and provide suitable solutions for damaged electrical devices, hence ensuring safety. 

● Further on, one must take care of the basics, such as avoiding water and moisture while working with electrical devices. Wet hands increase the conductivity of electricity and can be hazardous. Therefore, it must be ensured that electrical appliances are not bought in contact with water and moisture. It is critically important to keep highly inflammable liquids away from electrical devices.

● Under any setting, be it a household, commercial, or industrial, it is very important to use insulated tools while coming in contact with any appliance.

● In an industrial or commercial environment, checking and identifying electrical hazards before starting any work is very crucial. Hazards once identified should be labeled, so it is easily identifiable for everybody around. It is also essential to drain capacitors before working around them.

●    Another very important thing to keep in mind is to keep the use of electrical devices in cold rooms or areas with condensation possibilities at a minimum. However, if a piece of equipment is used in such a condition, it must be made sure that the equipment is mounted on a wall or a vertical panel.

What to do in extreme cases?
Even after taking precautions, there are chances of accidents, and one can never be completely sure of these devices. Calm and patience become the two most vital tools in such situations. One must remain serene and not panic in these situations. 

If an individual comes in contact with a live electrical conductor, it is safest to maintain distance from the equipment, cord, and the person. Under such a situation, the first step to be taken is to disconnect the power source to restrict the flow of electricity.

Electrical safety is a very basic yet very critical element. Guidelines and rules of electrical safety are inculcated and taught since childhood, and this teaching continues until adulthood. Often people tend to forget and ignore these guidelines. Sometimes people also take these practices casually, and this is when they fall prey to severe misadventure. 

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), there have been over 2200 recorded deaths due to electrocution. The number of deaths and injuries from electrical accidents is very high, and these numbers depict the intensity of the danger of electricity and electrical appliances. However, if sincerely followed, these rudimentary precautionary steps can avoid mishaps and ensure everyone's well-being. It is indispensable to be aware and create awareness about these fundamental preventive steps and check on the implementation of the same.

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