I would rather mix a Martini than a can of Paint

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If you are anything like me, after a grueling day of showing Philadelphia condos, or any type of real estate to perspective buyers, the first thing I want to do when I get home, besides grumble about it, is mix a Martini. But as a real estate mavine, devotee, and all around nutbag, first I have to go and pick out a paint color for my dining room. One of a series of endless chores that has been on my "things to do list" for just over 8 months. And being a realtor enables me to concievable tackle any home improvement project. Clearly, I know it all.

Well I just saw one of the neatest innovations in painting that can save anyone a bungle of time, energy, and money. Huge secret here....it is called Behr.com. Behr is a paint company that has developed this online service in which you can pay $4.95, and upload a photo of any particular room in your new, say,  Rittenhouse Square condominium, or Old City flat. Then you simply click through their 3700 plus paint colors, to see how that room would look in any color of those colors. From eggplant, to a nice sage green, this service is the ultimate "try before you buy" idea, and I think many first time buyers/painters could benefit from such a service.

How Fabulous! If you have painted any room in your Fitler Square condo or Society Hill flat, you know as  how easy it is to "miss" the color you were going for. Even by a little bit, a soft yellow can appear just awful- perhaps the yellow you picked is a little bold, has too much green mixed in, or is just wrong for the  lighting you have in any given room. This service is going to allow you to see the entire color, on a larger wall surface of any given room you choose, to make sure the color is right for that particular room.

And you know as well as I do, that paint cans have a tendency to gather in your closets or storage areas of your Philadelphia condo, and can generally outlive human beings in general. Just think of how many paint cans you WON'T have lingering decades in that dark corner of your basement storage area! And believe me, this way of "painting a room" is a lot easier to do while downing a Martini or two.  Painting and drinking can now go hand! Life just keeps getting better......

Mark Wade  www.CenterCityCondos.com  Philadelphia, Pa. 19106

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